Stevie makes weird confession about Connor Goldson

Stevie makes weird confession about Connor Goldson

Steven Gerrard has made a curious admission that he didn’t know about the coins and missiles incident aimed at Connor Goldson and Alfredo Morelos until this afternoon.

Despite the defender bringing it to the attention of the public fairly immediately after full time last night at the Dragao, his manager was left completely in the dark about it until barely five minutes before his presser pre-Motherwell.

Stevie admitted it hadn’t been raised at all in the dressing room post-match, which is very, very puzzling for something Goldson was evidently deeply upset about, and it’s more than a bit odd that he didn’t want to mention it till well after the match and to the press.

We certainly hope Uefa open the same kind of investigation into this as they so diligently have into alleged nonsense sung by Rangers fans, and if punishment is due it’s meted fairly to the Portuguese giants.

But we wouldn’t be at all shocked if it’s never mentioned again.

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  1. This could me much about nothing. The press, as you should know, make huge mountains out of tiny molehills. Goldson, perhaps, made a passing comment to press. Not sufficient to take up with his manager. We don’t know. Find out where comment originated. BBC ? SUN? Start with those for whom the truth is incidental to the story.

  2. If there has been bad behaviour by their supporters, we need to see that's it's not JUST Rangers FC that gets hit severely in the pocket, by UEFA. Or there'll be questions asked.

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