Friday, 18 October 2019

Stevie G in (another) brutal reporter put-down...

Steven Gerrard slapped down Sky Sports’ Luke Shanley with a ripping riposte today as the reporter plumbed new depths of daftness with some really silly questions.

Asking the manager about Man Utd Liverpool, Shanley asked a really bumbling line of questions and Gerrard was (and wasn’t) amused by the idiocy of the posers.

Here’s how it went:

LS: "I appreciate you’ve got a big game on Sunday, there’s a big one after the game at Tynecastle finishes, is this the best time for Liverpool to be going to Old Trafford?"
SG: "Yes"

LS: "How do you think it’ll go?"

SG: "Liverpool win."

LS: "Why are you so confident?"

SG: (visible sigh and head turn with rolleye) "Are you going to continue to ask me these silly questions?!"

LS: (stutter)

/mic drop

We really do wonder what qualifications it takes to become a reporter these days…

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