Steven Gerrard makes telling reveal about major club announcement…

Steven Gerrard makes telling reveal about major club announcement…

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has dropped a telling hint about the importance of new Sporting Director Ross Wilson by admitting his predecessor, Mark Allen, was his ‘rock’.

In a telling admission which revealed intriguing insight, Gerrard admitted that Allen’s absence had been a ‘void’ for him and he praised the club for filling it in quickly.

He said:

“I’m pleased that the club have acted quickly to replace Mark Allen because there was a void there. Mark [has] done a fantastic job and the weeks that he has been missing I’ve felt a void. Mark was a rock for me who I bounced ideas off every single day.”

This is extremely revealing to say the least – Stevie has admitted, despite being the manager, that he needs his support network above him, almost as a ‘father’ figure (regardless of age) that guides him, and without that infrastructure he feels a lot less ‘comfortable’ perhaps than he would otherwise.

The role of Sporting Director has often been dismissed as a glorified scout by some, but this little titbit from Gerrard implies it is far more than scouting – Allen’s job, as Wilson’s is now, was to guide Gerrard, to be a kind of authority consigliere who acted as a foil for Gerrard, who carried out a lot of background work behind the scenes, and without that support network for the manager the boss felt a little perhaps vulnerable.

With Ross Wilson, admittedly 3 years his junior, that void is now filled again – Gerrard has a rock again, someone who can support him and be his counterweight at Ibrox.

The club have done incredibly well not only to replace Allen so quickly, but to do so with their first choice originally.

Well played.

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