Shock horror: media lies printed about Rangers once again

Shock horror: media lies printed about Rangers once again

A number of national red tops have once again misled the public with anti-Rangers stories by publishing a poorly-translated Daniel Candeias interview with Portuguese outlet ZeroZero and using his comments to dig at ex-Director of Football Mark Allen.

The winger, who left this summer, is doing his thing in Turkey these days, and gave a wide-ranging interview to his homeland publication, and shock horror, the Scottish tabloids have misled with his comments, mistranslated, and used it as a smear campaign.

To quote the comments mistranslated:

“I was fine at Rangers. It was a club that welcomed me very well, the fans always supported me. I felt a lot of affection from everyone, from my colleagues too, but this season things were going to change. I was important in the group, but I felt I wasn’t going to have as many minutes as I’ve had in the last two seasons. The sports director did not go much with foreigners, in the first year, which did not give much confidence to the Portuguese. I think it was important for me not to lose pace. I felt I could change something and preferred to go on another challenge where I felt even more important.”

The headlines all focus on the ‘foreigners’ part, with claims Allen had something against making ‘foreign signings’ where anyone with half a brain can tell that’s not even remotely what Candeias meant.

After all, the past two seasons with Gerrard, before Allen’s departure, Rangers secured:

Borna Barisic, Nikola Katic, Eros Grezda, Matt Polster, Glen Kamara, Umar Sadiq and Lassana Coulibaly, Filip Helander and Joe Aribo.

And under Caixinha a glut of overseas players arrived, which needs no introduction.

Our point? Candeias is clearly referring to team selection, and ‘first year’ does not mean Candeias’ first season at Ibrox.

The real translation is thus:

“The sports director/manager was not keen on selecting the overseas players after the first season, which didn’t give the Portuguese contingent confidence.”

And who could blame Gerrard or Allen being unkeen on selecting the Herreras, Penas, Cardosos and Alves’ of Rangers’ world after how rank rotten they’d been?

This has nothing to do with ‘xenophobia’ or not wanting foreign signings – it’s just yet another excuse to bash something to do with Rangers without any merit.

Que sera sera.

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