Rangers surprise as 23-year old gets ’embroiled’ in club/country division…

Rangers surprise as 23-year old gets ’embroiled’ in club/country division…

Mystery has surfaced over midfielder Joe Aribo’s expectancy of playing for Nigeria on Sunday despite Steven Gerrard expecting him to miss a few matches and not expecting him to play before the international break.

Aribo got a severe blood injury following a reckless tackle, and has missed all football since then, despite making the bench on Sunday, but he’s been called up to the Super Eagles’ camp in Singapore to face Brazil and is strongly anticipated to play a big role if not start.

This is a bit puzzling such has been his enforced absence from club football, and if he’s been unavailable for selection due to the injury, it’s certainly a tad odd he’s not only travelled with Nigeria but is strongly expected to play too.

Some might say that it’s all above board and that the midfielder was only expected to miss a handful of matches, but we feel it’s more than a bit risky to select a player who may be a fair bit off match fitness for such an occasion.

After all, look at how mismanagement of Ryan Jack by Scotland cost us our in-form midfielder.

We really hope everyone knows what they’re doing here.

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  1. Or he may come back sharper for the experience. No need for the negativity… I get it is raining and quite depressing outside but…

  2. Gerrard said at the weekend that Aribo could've played but he chose to give him the week off but suggested that he might well play for Nigeria. Don't see anything wrong here. Be great for us if they are so desperate to play him. That means he is already a key player for them after just one game.

  3. If he is not ready to play,he should not be in the bench.
    A week later,he should be okay to start, surely?
    Seems like a non story

  4. Good luck Joe hope you play a blinder on Sunday and come back buzzing. As far as i,m aware we have no need to worry about the Nigerian FA having an agenda against us. Lets leave the paranoia to the Shellick.

  5. Personally I think the player would benefit from the game time which can only be good for him and Rangers I say let Joe play with pride and all the best to him and his team.

  6. Let Joe play.hes a big boy and the play time he'll get after the short lay off can only benefit him and Rangers on the return from internationals

  7. If he does play and plays well against Brazil it will just increase his value plus get more match sharpness it's win win for rangers

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