Saturday, 12 October 2019

Rangers star has revealed a 'shock' u-turn...

Just when Rangers fans were seeing the best of Alfredo Morelos, just when the club’s star player was looking 20x better than last season, just when he looked the happiest he’s ever done at the club and seemed to be finally content with staying possibly long term, just when all that:

Alfredo Morelos has confirmed, yet again, he wants to leave.

To say we’re disappointed with this ‘twist’ is an understatement, and we can’t help feeling a little bit fooled by him, in all honesty.

Yes, historically he’s never been quiet about wanting to move to England, but with his form this season and his massively improved attitude and temperament, and outright looking happier, we thought things may have changed.

Apparently not. He said:

"I've spoken a lot to Steven Gerrard this season. It's thanks to him that I am here. He's just a good man-manager and a great coach. Things have gone really well for me at Rangers this season. I've scored in just about every game for them. It's not a secret that I admire the English Premier League. I have to keep scoring goals for Rangers if I am ever to get a chance of moving to a club there."

Admittedly showing his appreciation for his manager, if not so much for the club, Morelos has confirmed, for the 1400th time, that in fact he wants to move to England.

He also went onto add that Gerrard had helped him in controlling his temper, and keeping calm.

The reality is everything Rangers fans are seeing this season from Alfredo Morelos is not for our benefit, but for his chances of getting the move to England that he craves.

Cynically, we can say fair enough, and as long as we benefit from it in the short term and get a good transfer fee, but it’s just a bit depressing that we let ourselves believe he wanted to stay.

Did he change his mind? No – we just hoped he had.

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