Rangers midfielder – can he break the Ibrox ‘curse’?

Rangers midfielder – can he break the Ibrox ‘curse’?

A day or two ago Rangers made a very, very unexpected announcement – 21-year old Jamie Barjonas, a favourite on Ibrox Noise of one of our regulars (you know who you are) was confirmed as having signed a new deal and being promoted to the first team.

We found this development both welcome and utterly curious at the same time. And guess what – here’s why:

It’s clearly welcome to see our manager devoting time to the club’s own reared youth – to see Auchenhowie products actually graduate into the senior team. This is what Auchenhowie is for, to see our youth players making their way up the ladder from the young teens into the seniors. Of course, the majority don’t get close to making it that far, don’t get close to being an Allan McGregor or a Barry Ferguson, but the point is of the 50 that maybe aren’t good enough, one might just knock on the door of promotion. And there’s nothing that fans love more than a Rangers kid proving himself on the big stage at Ibrox.

On the other hand, Steven Gerrard is a Rangers manager who, like Walter Smith and many others who came before him, who isn’t much interested in Rangers’ youth systems – since arriving in May last year Gerrard has promised much with regards our own players aged under 22, and yet not a single one has managed to make the grade under him.

While Greg Docherty isn’t one of our own products, he is/was of that age range yet got dumped out to Shrewsbury and on his recall has barely been seen. Ross McCrorie, mentioned earlier today, had a bit of a sniff last season but was axed this campaign in favour of minutes at Portsmouth. And then there’s all the recently ‘promoted’ kids – Serge Atakayi, Dapo Mebude, Zak Rudden, Josh McPake, Glenn Middleton – all got ‘promoted’ to the first team then faded just as quickly. We have no reason to believe Jamie Barjonas will be any different.

Whether Gerrard doesn’t trust Rangers’ youth, whether he doesn’t rate it, or whatever the reason in 18 months next-to-no youngsters have truly broken through to the Rangers first team, the promotion of Jamie Barjonas, while nice, looks more like propaganda to prove Auchenhowie is ‘working’ than a genuine attempt at bringing a player management think is good enough into the first-team picture.

After all, if Ross McCrorie, the ‘next big thing’ the club had hopes and dreams for last season, the ‘major Auchenhowie senior player’ the official channels were so pleased with can’t get a game for Rangers today and instead finds himself down south at a smaller club, what chance does Barjonas have?

We hope we’re wrong, and this lad rises to actually make a real fist of it in the squad, but our hopes are low.


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  1. Am so chuffed for the boy, Barjonas. They say Docherty, was over-looked. Barjonas, wasn't even on the radar. Well done, SG. I obviously, think they lad can make a difference. Don't let us down, Jamie lad!

  2. Love to see him make an impact but I voted no because I don't think he will get a fair crack. I think Gerrard would rather go back to Liverpool for a loan instead of using one of our own

  3. To be fair you've hit it on the head; 'Ross McCrorie, mentioned earlier today, had a bit of a sniff last season but was axed this campaign in favour of minutes at Portsmouth. And then there’s all the recently ‘promoted’ kids – Serge Atakayi, Dapo Mebude, Zak Rudden, Josh McPake, Glenn Middleton – all got ‘promoted’ to the first team then faded just as quickly.'

    Some more than others have been given that chance so they can't complain – they've not been let go, they've been sent away to get more game time until they are at the grade. I'm desperate to see them make it, it's cheaper, more engaging for us in the stands and is a huge positive step for other kids in the system to see how it's done. Hope Barjonas gets a chance yes, but also hope he grabs that chance also and takes the first team by storm! It's incredibly healthy for the seniors to have that challenge also!

  4. Is he that much better than Rossiter, McCrorie, Docherty, Middleton? These guys have all joined and left the first team squad – I know Docherty is still there, but in name only:-( I would like to see him make it, like any young Rangers player. But there is no actual evidence that SG will see it through. I don't mind him going to Liverpool for youth, but when they fail, get rid and bring our own through. Or do that first and give them a chance to fail. OR SUCCEED!!

    • We'll never know, if he never gets a chance SWH is all i'm saying, fella. I agree with what you're saying, about SG. Seems he is a bit Anglo-biased. I hope he does give him our lads, a chance.

    • Joa, that's my point, I am agreeing with you. We need to give them the chance to succeed or fail. The four I listed have not had that chance, except Middleton who most fans, and me, think took his chance well.
      Got to give these young guys a chance at glory before binning them.

  5. It would be fantastic if he could be the next youngster who makes it at Rangers. Very few do, history shows that clearly.

    It's tough for the manager to be able to give a young player coming through, the playing time needed to grow and develop in the top team. The pressure on the manager to deliver results is immense, and as we all know Rangers supporters are merciless if things aren't going well.

    The player needs to have more than just ability, he needs to also have the mental toughness to cope with the demands of being a Rangers player. When the supporters moan and groan at him, he needs to be able to cope with that.

    Let's hope Barjonas has that extra special quality, the kind that Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor had. Time will tell.

  6. We are trying to stop 9 in a row anx get soms silverware, so its hard to fit the young guys in at this moment in time.

  7. There are just too many good midfielders in front of him and I don't see where he will get the game time. Just ask Greg Docherty.

  8. It's awfully nice to let these youngsters have a go in the 1st team in dreamland but back in the real world our manager is employed to make decisions that will allow us to gain 55. I'm sure SG isn't stupid. We must win league at all costs

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