Rangers launch counter-offensive against Scottish media…

Rangers launch counter-offensive against Scottish media…

It’s not gone without notice lately that Rangers have suffered at the hands of the Scottish press by way of deflection of Scotland’s horrific result v Russia.

Sure, they beat the world’s worst team subsequently after this, but the negative headlines following the 4-0 mauling from Russia focused on Rangers and not Scotland, and it has to be said the club’s response was pretty vehement.

First Rangers appointed Ross Wilson as Director of Football (or ‘Sporting Director’), then Jermain Defoe was linked to a permanent deal and coaching role, before two new players from Hearts and Hibs were being lined up as potential January recruits.

In short, Rangers didn’t take the negative press using us for distraction lying down. We launched our own counter-offensive.

If the Scottish press can fill up their back pages with negative stories about Rangers to create a diversion from the NT’s ineptitude, Rangers can fill them up with positive stories too.

In short, be it a PR strategy, actual action underway at Ibrox or anything else – the best way to respond to unnecessary negative stories is by making sure positive ones get out to replace them.

This is not the same as sweeping things under the carpet – if there are things wrong we do need to know. But Kenny Miller slamming the club the day after the Scotland result certainly didn’t go down too well with the majority, and a number of fans were suggesting the striker is tainting his legacy at Ibrox.

So the club has responded with a boatload of good stories – new DoF, new incoming players, and permanent deals for favourites.

Well played.

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  1. I think you should just ban journalists, who've wrote shiz, about our club and players. Make an example of the worst offenders, with bans from any contact with our club and players. Make them suffer, till they fall in line. That's how you deal, with the press. We could do with a Rangers newspaper, too.

  2. Don't know if anybody picked it up.but after the san marino game Stephen McGowan from the daily mail and Leckie from the sun could not even bring themselves to acknowledge the fact that Colin Stein was the last player to score a hat trick for Scotland at hampden ( in fact he scored 4 ) they managed to scroll back to 1952 to let us know that Lawrie reilly scored a FIRST HALF hat trick.

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