Saturday, 5 October 2019

Rangers 23-y/o may be about to explode - starting tomorrow?

While not spectacular in our eyes, with a solid but no more 6/10 rating, Glen Kamara had a decent night in Switzerland but still hasn’t quite regained his split form yet.

Some fans have blamed manager Steven Gerrard for this, alleging that the boss’s rotation has stopped Kamara from picking up where he left off, and looking at his appearances for the season, while he has had heavy involvement in the Europa League with 9 appearances at all levels, in the league it’s a different story, with just two outings – one in the stuffy match in Paisley, and the surprise appearance against Celtic in that woeful tale of team mismanagement.

Yet, we know this guy is one Gerrard rates highly, and there are signs in recent weeks with his performances for club and country that he’s going in the right direction.

While not quite imperious for club yet, he’s done the business emphatically for Finland, in that advanced midfield position, something he will be active again at for the upcoming international break (another one). And as he grows in confidence on the international stage, expect his domestic displays to follow suit.

There are signs, no question. He was pretty tidy v Young Boys, and worked hard at pressing and making their midfielders work harder and more rushed.

But that creative spark is what makes him tick, the spark he thrives on with his country, and Steven Gerrard will have to let him off that leash to regain the Glen Kamara who excelled so much in the split last year. That turn, spin and ball V Celtic was what this 23-year old can do, given license.

He is certainly improving again, and he’s getting closer to his old self, but there’s work still to be done.

But Stevie will have to play his part too. Mind you, surely there’s no one better?

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