Porto fans did something unbelievable last night…

Porto fans did something unbelievable last night…

At 74.07 minutes last night in Porto, Steven Davis, playing superbly, intercepted a cross from Marega. This led to a passing exchange from Rangers so good that something we can rarely to never remember ever happening before at an away ground, and which gave us echoes of Bayern Munich at the old Olympic Stadium in 1999:

The home supporters booed.

A passage of glorious one-touch pass and move football beginning with Davis in Rangers’ own box and ended up with Alfredo Morelos at the other end was so stunning, so impressive, so outstanding that the home fans got so frustrated they booed it.

Davis, to Barisic, back to Davis, back to Helander, out to Barisic, inside to Jack, back to Barisic, back to Jack, inside to Kamara, back to Jack, out to Tavernier, who moved it onwards and to a chorus of boos and jeers purely on the grounds that the visiting side was playing such good football the home supporters could only boo in annoyance.

The whole point of these away fixtures is hostile crowds, of course, but usually it’s a general booing and whistling – this, instead, was a direct reply of helplessness to scintillating football of the like we have rarely seen from our travelling blues on a stage this big.

Porto are UCL veterans – filled with world class players, they really should have made Europe’s premier competition, and therefore must fancy themselves to win the Europa League, but Rangers really took them to task last night and earned a point, and perhaps more.

But it’s that home booing we loved the most.

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  1. The unbelievable is that goldson and Morelos getting hit with coins/lighters.
    Instead of writing a article about Booing we should be talking about the vile abuse the players received from opposition fans and hopefully uefa doing something about it.

  2. It's such a pity, these days, that opposing fans feel they have to boo decent football.I remember we used to applaud a show or move that was obviously skillful, even from the opponent's, because it was sport. Appreciation displays good manners from the stands, lessening tribal violence outside the ground. I watched the cellic-lazio game last night. At one point in the 2nd half, the Hoops were getting applause just for stringing 2 passes together, they were so poor. Anyone notice that?

  3. It really was impressive. We've had far better teams (on paper) who haven't put in an away display like that. The closest i can remember to that was a goal we scored under Advocaat. Think it may have been Dortmund in 99 or 2000, but that was at home.

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