“Poor decision” – is it time for it to be reversed?

“Poor decision” – is it time for it to be reversed?

After James Tavernier’s hideous performance last night, a number of supporters have called for his head as captain.

And, let’s be fair, he’s no more a captain than yours truly is an astronaut.

With Ryan Jack, fast becoming a true leader in midfield, off injured last night, the stage was set for a guy like Tavernier to step up to the plate, lead by example and puff up his chest.

Instead he made hapless decisions, got caught out of position repeatedly, and led nothing.

We were always against Tavernier as captain – we’ve let it slide over the past 12 months – no point banging a drum constantly.

But this was a poor, poor decision from the manager who made it based on Tav being temporary captain following the shambles of about four in a row under Pedro, Murty and Warburton.

Gerrard just stuck with him, even though he’d already signed two infinitely superior candidates (McGregor and Arfield) and Rangers have had to look up to a player who simply isn’t a captain.

Last night was his time to roll up those sleeves and show what a leader he was – instead he made a pile of errors and showed he’s not fit to wear the armband and never was.

This is not to be unreasonable – we are not wanting James Tavernier hung. On most of his days he’s a dynamic, impressive and speedy fullback who provides countless width and a fine outlet.

But unfortunately he’s both not a captain, and immune to being benched.

Rangers have a bunch of leaders in our team – Ryan Jack, Steven Davis, Scott Arfield and Allan McGregor to name but four.

That Tavernier is the captain and Connor Goldson the vice demonstrates everything that’s wrong with that particular area of the team.

We’d love it to be changed.

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  1. Have to agree with IN guys on this . I was so angry last night both he and Goldson let Rangers down badly. The game was ours or at least an acceptable draw. Tav is not a Captain in the Rangers sense I would give the armband to either Steve Davis or Scot Arfield

  2. 100% agree. McGregor or Jack for me for the captaincy. Tav is a good fullback and professional but don't think he commands enough authority on the pitch.

  3. McGregor? The guy who got sent off twice last year? Last time was sheer stupidity. You can’t be serious.

  4. Everyone is liable to have bad games but consistently having howlers in the big pressure games indicates you cant lead by example. I dont know how you manage destroying his confidence removing the arm band or if you just leave him with it and accept he cant be a guaranteed start in certain games. Ultimately we lack quality cover, spending £3m on a clumsy slow CB when we have areas needing immediate attention shows Gerrards lack of experience in building a squad. Katic also needs to start from now on, Helander's lack of mibility is a liability and it'll become more apparent imo.

    • Your spot on brother, I was just saying this how do you destroy the boys confidence by removing the armband, he should give it up I would after that. And let's be honest scouts watching him he is nowhere near prem league class howlers like they two last night I remember one against Celtic last year. I'm sick of it and his penalty misses. Why have we had no bids cause he is a championship fullback that rangers want 5 to 10mll for. No chance

  5. When will people wake up tab is not a captain never was and as for the 3million centre back I seen a pint of milk turning quicker Katic is a must start and he should be captain

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