Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Permanent contract part of a clear strategy by Rangers

As we know, in recent days we’ve been hearing Jermain Defoe is not only rumoured to be signing a permanent deal, but to be installed as part of the coaching staff.

Steven Gerrard and Defoe are already having an extraordinary influence on this club, and now Defoe’s is set to rise in importance as he formally passes on his wisdom to the younger pups around him.

Gerrard, the patriarch, the legend, the iconic leader and undeniably one of the best of his generation as manager, alongside Defoe, who commands respect and admiration for his conduct as a person and a man as well as his ability on the pitch.

It’s an extraordinary combination – we only have to look at Aston Villa and the influence John Terry had there – missing out on promotion by a hair’s width before righting that wrong the following season, some of these English legends of the noughties have taken to management and coaching like ducks to water, and Defoe and Gerrard are no different.

Looking at the CV, while Defoe’s isn’t QUITE as glittering as Gerrard’s, the two are almost like foils for each other.

Gerrard for the legend he was on the pitch and the trophies he won including the leadership he showed, and Defoe for the human he is both on and off, the respect he commands for being not only an incredibly nice guy but one who has a similar level of wisdom to Stevie, and the advantage of imparting it on the pitch in real time.

We discussed before how Defoe was like Gerrard’s stormtrooper on the pitch – he signed him as a ‘version’ of himself who could lead the players like himself, only with boots on the ground rather than just from the sidelines.

And that scenario is working out so well that Rangers are not only top of the league and doing smashingly in Europe, but Defoe is to be promoted to a coaching role and given a permanent contract.

This signing, while initially not super convincing, has grown and blossomed in the past 6 months.

Defoe has been a breath of fresh air, a player with the dignity, class and humanity of the true Ranger and not only has he fallen in love with our club, we’ve fallen in love with him too.

Another success.
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