Mega Rangers flop appears to have silenced the critics

Mega Rangers flop appears to have silenced the critics

A number of Rangers fans raised their eyebrows at failed loanee Umar Sadiq rattling in a brace for Partizan at the heady heights of the Europa League.

If ever Steven Gerrard signed his ‘Dalcio’, Sadiq was it. The player, barely given a chance in truth at Ibrox, just didn’t fit in, and despite his excellent goal haul in Holland and bright reputation in Serie A, just didn’t work out at Ibrox and he became a tabloid target and the manager painted him as a rather toxic influence.

And yet, we at Ibrox Noise had backed him since his arrival, and were never as harsh on him as some others were, and despite his failings in Govan we suggested his famous cup semi display v Aberdeen, dive aside, really was far from bad.

Sadly, others weren’t as generous and wanted to chase him out of Govan – indeed some blamed him outright for that dreadful loss in itself, and couldn’t have been happier to see him go.

And eventually he did, a reasonable loan spell at Perugia was then followed by his current one in Serbia.

The flabbergasted reaction from supporters at his superb numbers on the continent only goes to show a stunning ignorance of football – Sadiq wasn’t suited to the SPL or to the manager he had at Ibrox – this didn’t make him a bad footballer, far from it.

3 goals and 3 assists in 17 Serie B appearances right after Ibrox for a player low on confidence is a reasonable return, and clearly gave him the platform to find the right team in Belgrade this season; a superb 8 in 16 with that latest brace in Kazakhstan (not to mention his 3 assists for the season too).

Umar Sadiq was never a bad player – just wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And we wish him the best. As if he needs it!

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  1. I certainly don't 'wish him the best.' Just another p***taker, in my opinion. In the mould of Rossiter & Dorrans. Nothing but, constantly injured for us, goes to Bury and 'miraculously' STAYS un-injured and banging goals in. I call that, an outright, 'p***taker.

    • I can't understand why fans put Dorrans into the "slacker" category. It wasn't his fault he sustained a serious injury while representing our club. Latterly he was fit and available but the manager chose not to pick him.

  2. Not sure why Scottish media seems to be obsessed with this lad. Aye, he didnt do the job for us, but branding him sh*t for a bad half season is pretty poor. Some people aren't made for scottish football, it's that simple.

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