Massive decision for Steven Gerrard could swing 3 points

Massive decision for Steven Gerrard could swing 3 points

As we discussed earlier, Steven Gerrard has a huge call to make tonight, and it’s in defence.

With partners for Connor Goldson cycling regularly, the Englishman is clearly a stick-on first choice for the shirt, so it ultimately ends up between Croat Niko Katic and summer signing Filip Helander.

Helander surprisingly took his major bow v Feyenoord on match day one, and did rather well, but has seen a deterioration in his form ever since and was lost against Livi, earning Katic a selection for the massive tussle v Aberdeen.

Gerrard does seem to be mixing and matching between these two right now, but it’s very significant that Helander’s worst outing was on Livi’s artificial surface, and that’s what Young Boys will be on tonight.

Meanwhile it doesn’t strictly get a lot better with the alternative – Katic didn’t have his best match against Aberdeen, and has legendarily complained vocally that these surfaces are poor and hurt his back.

So, the choice is a big one – trust that Katic will have one of his big nights and put himself in the hurt, or go for Helander’s experience and that Livi was a one off?

Either way, neither of these defenders seems to excel on the plastic pitch, so it could literally be a toss up.

That said, Connor Goldson hardly thrives on it either so Rangers will have to be on their defensive game for sure.

It’s just who goes with him that could be key.

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  1. Katic should play on form & he can rest his back for the next couple of games giving Edmundson & Helander the chance for a run out, in that order. I'm liking Big Georgie, 'better than all the rest' tbh. Natural reader of the game by the looks of him, hard & pacey! Anyway, 3-2 The Famous

  2. Can't understand this loyalty to Goldson. I would bench him, tonight. Because i'm fairly sure, (not positive) he'll lose concentration tonight and screw up. I'd put Edminson & Katic in. We'll soon see, though. Goldson loses concentration in important games. Like he did, when we got beat by Celtic. That loss was partly, his fault. just my own opinion, but we'll soon see.

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