Liverpool and Ryan Kent hate each other

Liverpool and Ryan Kent hate each other

Following Ryan Kent’s recent RTV interview which has stirred the Anfield hive significantly, it’s safe to say Rangers’ star winger pretty much can’t stand Liverpool, which is all fair in love and war because they evidently have no time for him either.

It all began when Kent was made part of Liverpool’s initial pre-season squad, and took part in a number of key friendlies – the attacker was told Jurgen Klopp wanted to run the rule over him and Harry Wilson in particular, and both were prominent, particularly against Sevilla.

However, it became apparent that neither of them were in Klopp’s plans, and Kent was omitted from the squad for the ICC summer lucrative friendly tournament, as well as being told he wasn’t getting a loan again.

This led the playmaker to erase Liverpool from all his social media channels while posting cryptic comments on his accounts.

To rub salt into the wound, team mate Wilson had been loaned to Bournemouth in an apparent u-turn which initially gave hope to Kent but worked out the opposite – the only way Kent was leaving Anfield was if someone paid for him. The player has pretty much directly accused Liverpool of lying to him.

And finally, on deadline day, he got his move – Rangers stumped up the cash and Kent was made a Rangers player permanently.

Recent days have seen him attack Liverpool’s training program in an explicit smear on Jurgen Klopp, saying:

“The training program I had prior to coming here didn’t stand me in good stead for coming back playing again.”

He then went onto praise Rangers’ physios for getting him up to speed, and for getting him match fit properly.

There’s clearly no love lost – Jurgen Klopp has clearly worked miracles at Liverpool and turned them into one of the best teams in Europe. Few could fault his methods. But he evidently didn’t care about Kent, didn’t do what was best for Kent and didn’t focus any interest in him – and wanted rid.

If ever a player and a club had a bit of an acrimonious split, it was Liverpool and Kent, and unsurprisingly Liverpool fans have been quick to smear the attacker and defend their club.

Equally though, if Jurgen Klopp said one minute that Kent and Wilson are not to go out on loan again, then puts Wilson out while ignoring Kent, there’s inconsistency there, and we don’t really see Kent needing to lie about anything.

He simply said his training program wasn’t good enough, and frankly given how he got consigned to the U23s then ditched even from them, it’s not that implausible.

My, these two really dislike each other eh?

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  1. Yeah there was something going on between the two parties, at the end of the day Kent got what he wanted and that was to play for Rangers

  2. Ironically, my Everton supporting Bro in Law says Klopp is impressed with Merseyside Media constantly stating Stevie G will take over after results slow down at anytime and unfortunately Ryan Kent was a whipping boy.

    True or not!!!

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