Leeds United want Steven Gerrard

Leeds United want Steven Gerrard

Well of course they do.

Indeed, any club in the UK seeking a manager wants Steven Gerrard, manager of Scotland’s top team, in first place in the SPL, fighting more than credibility in the Europa League, to join their cause.

Leeds United, in fairness, are probably the UK’s biggest sleeping giant. Only 20 years ago they were Champions League semifinalists and 30 years ago Rangers faced them as England’s best team.

Times have changed, but the size of their club hasn’t, and Britain’s third-biggest (or fourth, depending on source) city’s team remains locked in the Championship well below their potential.

Rangers were compared many times to Elland Road’s fortunes, a UK giant thrown into ignominy thanks to financial mismanagement, but while Rangers are once again top of the table, Leeds have remained in lower-division hell for two decades.

But, Rangers fans can rest easy. Liverpool are the only team Steven Gerrard will leave Ibrox for – and we wouldn’t resent it – we know it will happen one day, but assuming our manager remains successful (and doesn’t resign or get fired) then the only location that will tempt him back to England before the end of any current deal for a management position there is his former employer and first true love.

Why Leeds have been linked with a move should Bielsa move on is anyone’s guess, although they are a huge club and like Newcastle, very much a sleeping giant of British football.

But we’d imagine they’d be swinging in the dark trying to persuade Gerrard to give up Ibrox for Elland Road.

Or is it just the press trying to unsettle all things Rangers, as usual…

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  1. Fake news with establishment at work,its tough at the top
    Arise Sir Gerrard


  2. Why would Gerrard go to Leeds. No chance of any trophies, long shot for promotion, no European football. Fail there and he is done. He's building something at Rangers before heading to Liverpool. And unbelievably Leeds fans are saying they don't want him. Must be happy where they are!

  3. Agree with Benidorm here. Lot of nonsense. Same with the Klopp story recently. Suddenly Rangers are looking good and the negatives come out. Ive never heard so much guff from the Kommons or McNamaras when we lose,

    Newspapers and online media are clickbait, anything to get a hit cos it shows stats to advertisers whether it makes sense or not.

    Latest drama is sfa fit for purpose Dave King, the takeover panel have slighted him individually. In a perverse form i want the sfa to go for him so he can wipe the floor with him.

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