Leeds and Besiktas have led to SPFL Rangers meltdown

Leeds and Besiktas have led to SPFL Rangers meltdown

The more good news comes out of Ibrox, the stronger things look on the pitch, the more the Scottish media appears to want to hijack it in defence of their blessed Celtic.

Following the national media’s noble attempts at deflecting the Scotland result by way of negative headlines about Rangers, the slurry of nonsense continues with negatives about our manager.

Not content with linking him with a move to Leeds United, the northern hacks now have Turkish giants Besiktas in for him.

Ever notice Turkish sides always get used when it comes to key Rangers men like Morelos (Fenerbahce), Barisic (Besiktas) and now Gerrard?

Add the Leeds angle to it and it almost sounds just a little like our press desperately trying to cover over all the good stuff and the fact we’re top of the league with threatening little titbits that will ‘end our resurgence once and for all’.

Here on Ibrox Noise we used to allow anonymous comments – and every day we drowned under a deluge of ‘ITK’ types from the East End who kept warning us about Dave King this and admin 2 that.

That went on from the moment we exited admin till the day we turned anonymous comments off.

We’ve never been Dave King’s biggest fans – he knows he has detractors in our support, including us – but we’re also fair. And the turnaround in the club since 2015, while gradual, has been clear, and has accelerated massively the past 18 months. And the board get a lot of the credit for that. As does Steven Gerrard.

And the rest of the game north of the border knows it, so in come Besiktas and Leeds and anything else they can spin to deflect from how shabby Celtic are and how rotten Scotland are.

Even a red top was at it with the Morelos story, desperate to show he wants to leave. Yes, it was disappointing to see those quotes (we don’t speak Spanish so can’t actually corroborate the comments attributed to the spoken interview) but it was just yet another negative story about Rangers seemingly geared towards appeasing the green and white paymasters.

The better we are, the more upset they are.

Better get them more and more upset eh?

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  1. Hear hear. Add in Kenny "the mole" Miller & his reveal all without revealing anything interview and we have a full house of Rangers negativity

  2. Don't worry about it fella. Leeds have made some stupid managerial appointments on the past (remember Hockaday?). But they have now learned their lesson and have looked at quality in the likes of Bielsa. So there is now way on earth that they would want Gerrard. You are safe. Please, please, you keep him

  3. To add to your above statement IN.
    The last 2 games that Celtic played, they were refereed by mick referee's, there was a few moans from their fans but not enough to upset them because they will need them for another time, wink wink. If that was other referees there would be blanket condemnation and the conspiracy theories of being Orangemen or Masons, so we still have that scenario to contend with, then the next thing will be Our Lady of the SFA, the compliance officer Clare Whyte she will be getting rolled out next, a stick on

  4. In fairness to the media! When you have the biggest name in Scottish football managing the biggest club in Scotland, it makes journalistic sense that the media would want to use every opportunity to write about the leaders in Scottish football to try and attract attention to their grubby little media outlets.

  5. Interesting quote today by the well known? former Celtic player McAvennie he says that look at Northern Ireland with a team with far inferior players to Scotland are so hard to beat who in the Northern Ireland team can be inferior to the rank rotten team and manager that Scotland have I gave up on supporting the Scottish team after the treatment we got from the sfa spl and clubs in Scotland

  6. I don't understand why you get so upset by this stuff. With no domestic football of course papers will run any stories about Rangers they can find. Stories about Rangers and Celtic sell papers and it would be laughable to print any stories about any team anywhere wanting Lennon so naturally it has to be Gerrard. In fact it's a compliment.

    As for Alfie, he's only repeating what he has always said, nothing disappointing or surprising here. And again the fact that he is playing so well top teams in the EPL will no doubt be watching him and he will earn a big money move in the summer paints him in a very positive light.
    I think your letting your imagination get out of hand here. Remember it's our mhanky mates from the east that suffer from paranoia not us.

  7. The hatred of our club from the Scottish sports media is getting more and more vitriolic the better we are getting

  8. Also if the authorities don't stop there witch-hunt maybe we should send all the clubs there tickets back and let them fill there own stadiums see how they would like that

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