Saturday, 12 October 2019

Kenny Miller and 'that' Rangers admission...

So Kenny Miller’s recent admission to a podcast at his disgust over the treatment he and Lee Wallace received has certainly set tongues wagging.

The truth, as to whether he was correctly treated, as usual, lies somewhere in the middle.

Information Ibrox Noise has received in recent weeks has shed a great deal of light on what really happened in that dressing room, and if our understanding is correct and the information true, Miller doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

We’re not going to verify one way or the other, but his going public recently over his unhappiness at how things ended up is self-inflicted, if our sources are correct.

Regardless, what we do know for sure is Lee Wallace certainly WAS badly treated, and to our best knowledge not only did nothing wrong, but did the opposite, and got castigated by the club purely by unfair association.

But Miller and his timing was interesting. Why did he go public to slam his treatment the day after all the press attention should have been on Scotland and their shambles?

The funny thing is we’ve heard claims that the club is now harmonious in his absence, and there are less or no leaks now. Well, he’s been gone for well over a year and the ‘harmony’ seems to coincide with good results. As it always did. So we’re not sure on that one. Especially given all the nonsense that used to surround Morelos, Candeias, Pena and Sadiq. As for leaks, at least one ‘neutral’ site still seems to produce gossip from inside the club, albeit gossip which often turns out to be fake.

And that’s the funny thing about leaks – stories ‘leak’ out but very rarely to never are they ever corroborated or proven to actually be correct. They usually have impact at the time for the nature of the headline and the emotional response, but no one is ever held to account over their being factual or otherwise and by the time sites like Ibrox Noise actually brings you the truth, no one even cares any more and we get accused of sitting in the past.

Can’t win!

As for Miller – everyone has a right to give their side, and in fairness to him he’s never smeared Rangers, just certain people he’s not happy with.

That’s between him and them – but we do wish people like he would pick more carefully their times to go public with this stuff.

Although, is there ever a ‘good’ time for a bad headline?
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