Just 7 appearances – was decision on Rangers ‘future captain’ a mistake?

Just 7 appearances – was decision on Rangers ‘future captain’ a mistake?

With interest focused on Glen Kamara, Greg Docherty’s lack of favour, Andy King’s bit-part role and Andy Halliday’s perennial bench status the past couple of months, while Rangers’ main midfielders of Steven Davis, Scott Arfield and Ryan Jack have been generally doing the business rather well, we do wonder what the future holds for a player many have completely forgotten about, such is his isolation down south.

Another one touted as a future captain, Ross McCrorie, similar to Docherty, has found himself loaned out aged 21 to a League One team in England, and while he’s doing not bad down there when selected (aside that second yellow on his debut), he’s only actually being selected less than half the time.

He’s managed 7 appearances in 14, with five seats on the bench, one match with Scotland and one match postponed.

It’s all very average, and we really hoped for more for him.

Greg Docherty excelled with Shrewsbury, and yet came back to be dumped, and we do wonder what prospects lie in wait for a 21-year old Scotland captain who can’t even get selected every match for a L1 side, no offence to them.

His fate does seem to be echoing Docherty’s, and manager Steven Gerrard signed Andy King for that slot instead – and has barely touched the Welshman.

We can’t have too many complaints in truth – as we said before, Steven Davis is doing a marvellous job in that position, and a Jordan Rossiter, for example, is one heck of a downgrade from the NI captain. We’re not saying McCrorie is also, but it’s hard to be critical of this when a player as good as Davo is pulling the strings in midfield.

But we guess ultimately we’d rather McCrorie was coming on at 65 minutes rather than Andy King, who remains absolutely the most bizarre signing of the summer, and rather than McCrorie sitting on Portsmouth’s bench we feel he’d be better set learning his trade at Auchenhowie.

We’ll have some more analysis on this over the course of the day, as well as looking ahead to tonight’s tricky trip to Dingwall.

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  1. 7 appearances would seem much better than 0 appearances which would likely have been the case if he had stayed at Ibrox. There are too many midfielders at Ibrox who currently are better than Ross, who I doubt would even make the bench on most occasions if he hadn't gone out on loan.
    Andy King? Certainly a strange signing. On paper he looks like he would have been a decent signing, but so did Philipe Senderos and we know how well that worked out.
    It's going to be tough for any one of the fringe players to break into midfield. Assuming players are fit, Davies, Jack, and Arfield are more or less automatic first picks. Which leaves any other midfielders competing for one position, and Kamara or Aribo would seem the most likely choice.
    Ross seems to be having a tough time in England. It will be interesting to see what happens come January, whether he stays where he is for the second half of the season.

  2. While I am a great supporter of SG, and I think Job No 1 is winning the league, we have to be developing our own young players and selling them on at a profit. That is our future unless someone comes in with EPL size TV money.
    So Job No 2 is bringing through the youth. Davis has been great for us, but his sell on value is nil. We need McCrories and Dochertys to come through, or be bought and developed, like Kamara, so if not those two, they need to be sold for what we can get and other like Barjonas, Kelly et al brought through in their stead.
    SG gets a pass as long as we are progressing towards a league title, but I still fail to see what Aribo has that Docherty lacks. Particularly when Doc outshone him for a much worse team in the same league last season, but can't even get a subs place

  3. I still say that with some work McCrorie has all the tools to be a centre back and Captain for Rangers for many years. We should loan him out to a club with the proviso that he plays and plays at centre back.

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