Monday, 7 October 2019

Has Alfredo Morelos changed his mind?

As we’ve illustrated recently, Jermain Defoe certainly isn’t the only Rangers striker bang in form – former first-choice hitman Alfredo Morelos most certainly is too, and the Colombian has definitely benefited from the 37-year old’s experience, with it being a safe bet Jermain Defoe has been as much a coach to Morelos as Gerrard has been.

And call us crazy, but it’s starting to look a lot like Alfredo Morelos now actually, genuinely and truly wants to commit to Rangers long term.

It’s been a completely different striker this term – gone is the petulance, the bulldog chewing a wasp face and the frequently poor attitude, and in absolutely every sense the ex-HJK man has been a far superior player, and person.

The fact is Morelos, unlike the majority of last season, now truly appears content with life at Rangers – he’s Scotland’s top striker, other than Defoe that is, he’s got European football, he’s been recalled back to Colombia and this season he has an actual fist at the SPL title. True, he won the Finnish top flight as well, but with all due respect, as lowly as the SPL is globally, it’s 20x the size of the Veikkausliiga and has two colossi of football in it, where the biggest side Finland have is Morelos’ ex side, whose stadium barely holds enough for admittance into the SPL.

So, things are good for Morelos, and it’s the first time we’ve actually had a feeling he wants to be here long term.

But, of course, he still has never said it, nor has he held much if any media work for the club. The last thing we got was a magazine segment on RTV where he expressed a few of his favourite things.

So he still very much needs to work on that side of the job, and despite looking like he’s happy here, it would be nice if, finally, he was to actually say he wants to be here long term. If, indeed, he does.

Of course, this demand doesn’t usually get asked of other players because other players aren’t the centre of repeated transfer speculation all the time – the only one who ever was is James Tavernier, and by contrast he has committed long term and made it fairly clear he wants to stay.

We get that impression now too from Morelos – and it’s quite the turnaround for the player who appeared destined for the exit.

But, as Stevie once said, maybe Alf should himself do a presser, and put it to bed once and for all.
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