“Fingers crossed Rangers drop points…”

“Fingers crossed Rangers drop points…”

This was sent to your chums at Ibrox Noise today, by a long-time business colleague of ours, a Celtic-supporting one.

In all the years of working with this group, them having had by far the upper hand (football wise) for the best part now of a decade, this was the first time they had wished for us to drop points, not out of the desire just to see Rangers lose or draw, but so they could overtake us in the table.

Think about that for a second – a Celtic fan, from the arrogance of their brethren in the past 7+ years to expect the earth and the league by divine right during this spell, now to hope ‘Sevco’ drop points so they can claw back in the league.

It’s quite a change, isn’t it?

It shows the threat they now see from Ibrox, for the first time since 2012. Rangers are no longer a nearly side, a clear runner up or third-best side in the SPL – for the first time since those troubled years, we are justifiably and tangibly the leading side in Scotland. And Celtic see that threat for the reality it is rather than the flattering to deceive we used to be guilty of.

Don’t forget, even Walter Smith had his off-days and off-periods where Rangers were less convincing so Steven Gerrard certainly has those too and is in illustrious company for that.

But for Celtic fans now to genuinely concede Rangers are a proper and legitimate threat is quite a turnaround from the zombie this and sevco that we got only a year or two ago, and shows just what a revolution is coming in Scottish football.

“Fingers crossed you drop points” – Now they’re relying on luck…

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  1. 😂😂😂 no chance another 5 would be nice

    Loving this,nice to be in control for a change👏👏👏
    Now we will run away with this league💪watch this


  2. I think in the past, it's been US, who have beaten ourselves. But we need the belief, we can do it. I believe the season rests on how good, our defence is. I still think Goldson should be benched, as we work out what line-up, suits us best. Can't see that, happening though. Am very impressed by that Edmunson, kid. Hasn't put a foot wrong, so far.

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