Friday, 4 October 2019

"Disgusting" - some Rangers fans aren't happy with Stevie G fav...

While last night’s performance v Young Boys was certainly far from bad, individual failings certainly let the side down. We’ve discussed Connor Goldson and James Tavernier’s flaws already, but one who escaped much of our wrath despite deserving a tonne of it was on-loan Sheyi Ojo, who is fast becoming one of the side’s most unpopular players.

His display last night, labelled ‘disgusting’ by some fans on social media, certainly continued the pattern of his contribution this season, and we can only suggest that once again the loan clause nonsense is playing a significant role in his continued selection despite frequently frustrating performances and a real lack of hard work.

Whether we’d concur with ‘disgusting’, nevertheless Ojo is yet another example of a loan which is turning out to be dismal, a sub-23 year old borrowed from another club and proving why he’s been unable to establish himself either at his parent club or any other.

Of course, Ryan Kent was a massive exception to this, the superb winger showing that he just needed the right club to settle at – Rangers was it.

But the litany of loan failures under Steven Gerrard has become utterly ludicrous – they’re also thoroughly unnecessary.

Ojo is a standout for all that is wrong with the loan system – ignoring his lack of contribution to the team (sorry, but he fires about 20 hapless and selfish shots or attempts a match – that the one v Feyenoord actually was a true strike doesn’t vindicate him), the system of borrowing other teams’ chafe is really getting old.

We’re not even going in the direction of Andy King (maybe the most pointless signing, loan or otherwise, we can remember) here, we’re just looking at Ojo who has a tonne of appearances and a tonne of letdowns.

Rangers supporters are getting utterly fed up with his name on the team sheet – and we have to say we are too.

As we discussed some months ago, players like he are bound to appearance clauses. Teams aren’t going to send out products they’ve spent hundreds of thousands or indeed millions on to rot on another team’s bench – they want that player in action as much as possible, and these clauses are in place to ensure minutes, and fines are in place if this is not adhered to, not to mention the damage it will do to the relationship between the two clubs and any future loans.

So on Ojo plays, and last night was the latest example of his performance summing up the lack of team play, hard work, and final ball this winger demonstrates nearly every appearance.

And yet, nothing will change. Unless Rangers are ready to damage the situation with Liverpool, Ojo is going to keep on playing – and yet, frankly, given how poor loans have worked out at Ibrox, would it be the worst thing to ditch him, take the fine and get a telling off from Liverpool?

Ojo shouldn’t be in Rangers’ first team. Ryan Kent did show some promise before he exploded onto the scene – while he looked out of place, there was a glimmer of some potential before it all came to life for him.

Ojo hasn’t shown an ounce of that potential.

Indeed, one comment highlighted the problem – that Ojo was failing to come short or track back, and it left Barisic with everything to do – fortunately the Croat was up to the task and had a very good match, but Ojo isn’t interested in helping anyone but himself.

He appears to be in football for selfish reasons, and despite a period of a few weeks where we credited him for being less self-centred, it’s evident that was a flash in the pan.

Back to type, but guaranteed to play. What a pain.

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