Saturday, 26 October 2019

Did events at Ibrox have something to do with massive PL shocker?

Before we go on, we’re by no means saying the loss of Ross Wilson led to Southampton losing 0-9 at home, but there is absolutely no coincidence that Rangers’ acquisition of Southampton’s Director of Football would have disrupted operations at St Mary’s and certainly didn’t help.

Of course, the red card didn’t either, but for the Portside giants to lose to a record score for a home side is one of the biggest shockers in British football history, even if it was to a side who have been completely reborn under Brendan Rodgers.

We admit it, he’s done a hell of a job at the King Power, and their current second place is certainly completely justified – there’s no doubt Brendan Rodgers is why Celtic have done so ridiculously well the past 3+ seasons – we can’t see Neil Lennon coming close to that level, so what Rodgers has achieved this season for the Foxes, admittedly ‘only’ 10 matches in (quarter of the season remember) is pretty incredible.

But that said, to go to any ground in England at all, never mind the top flight, and win 9-0 is a frightening marker – yes, to all intents and purposes it probably was a ‘freak’ result, but while the early red didn’t help Ralph Hassenhuttl’s side, they were already one down.

Nevertheless, losing your sporting director doesn’t help either, and internal disruption at the club resulting from that clearly has had some sort of effect.

Manager Hassenhuttl had absolutely no response at full time, he was beyond bewildered by what had happened, while Rodgers’ pearly whites were enough to light up half of England.

And while Hearts was a sticky start, Wilson’s influence may have had a bearing on the Porto result, while Southampton were being destroyed on their own patch.

Sure, the St Mary’s side haven’t had a sparkling start to the season, but you just don’t lose 0-9 at home. To anyone.

Whether it was losing Wilson, whether it was Rodgers, whether it was the red card or whether it was all of these things, this was a real real shocker.

We’ll bet Steven Davis is glad he left…
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