Cheap fan attacks on Rangers are not acceptable – low blow


There’s a lot of press commentary teasing us about the upcoming Rangers v Liverpool Legends match, much of which has focused on Steven Gerrard’s likelihood of turning out for both Rangers and Liverpool, which would be the biggest crowd pleaser at Ibrox since Ryan Jack scored the winner in December.

However, we’re disappointed to see a number of criticisms aimed at our own club, from alleged fans in our support, about the quality of the squad Rangers have committed to the event.

This is deeply disturbing, and if ever we saw negative headlines for the sake of attention, that would be it.

This is partially a charity event, with, as far as we know, every individual giving their time to raise funds for both the Rangers Charity Foundation and Liverpool’s own equivalent. The match-day tickets themselves admittedly aren’t for the charities as far as we’re aware, but proceeds of the gala dinner in the evening will be donated and fans at the match will be given plenty of chances to donate to the charities separately.

So criticising the quality of the players on display really strikes us as a bit of a cheap shot and low blow from anyone – it could be Basile Boli and Lazar Markovic for it mattered, the end result is supposed to be an entertaining match of football and charities getting some funds.

Furthermore, the word ‘Legends’ is always loosely used on these occasions. A portion of the squads usually are great players of the past, but many of the players are frequently slightly less described as luminaries and were mostly squad players back in the day. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

What we’re getting at is at this time with things going this well on the pitch, why are some fans choosing to slate something which not only doesn’t deserve it but is frankly a bit morally wrong to do so?

It smacks of needing something to be negative about.

We know we know, hypocritical, right? Well, we may criticise now and then but only at things which are justifiable of it. And we also know some of you are thinking we’re just off the back of praising fans for never abusing the club or our own players – well, this is criticism of the club not abuse of it – definitely a difference.

Still cheap though and we’re not thrilled with it.


  1. Ffs its a charity event get your money out and calm down

    Watp #tapatheleague still winning🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🙌🍾🥁

  2. Cannae wait for the game. Don't understand how people aren't happy with the squad. When I read out the list of names it made the Mrs decide we're taking the wee fella (3yrs old) on his first trip to Ibrox! Great occasion for a great cause. WATP

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