Celtic fans are obsessed with Rangers man

Celtic fans are obsessed with Rangers man

We’ve been hearing a lot about this in the past few months, a ‘my da’s bigger than your da’ type argument between fans of Rangers and Celtic about Alfredo Morelos and Odsonne Edouard.

Celtic supporters believe their boy is the best, and Rangers fans believe Alf is the king.

In truth, whenever we big up Morelos on this site, one of the most frequent replies comes from the East End suggesting Edouard is vastly superior and worth 3 times as much.

They especially got passionate about this when the 21-year old striker put away a hat trick for France against Slovakia earlier this month following a brace against Azerbaijan.

And guess what – unlike them about Morelos we’re not about to smear the ex-PSG player. Because he actually is very, very good.

He’s got 5 in 10 in UCL qualifying, 1 in 2 in UEL qualifying, and 3 in 12 in UEL group stage.

He’s never scored in UCL group stage, but his European record overall is good.

Morelos, for his turn, has 14 in 24 in UEL qualifying plus 5 assists, has 4 in 8 in the UEL, and obviously has never played any level of the UCL.

Both of these men have different but impressive results in these competitions. There is no doubt, unless you can’t do arithmetic, that Morelos’ record in the UEL is far better, but Edouard’s impressive performances in the UCL qualifiers cannot be ignored, even if they go uncontested.

In the SPL though it’s impressive again from both.

Morelos has 37 in 74 in the SPL, with an excellent16 assists, while Celtic’s man has 27 in 56 with 13 assists.

Quite simply, the SPL is blessed to have both of them and we’re fed up with ‘our man is better than your man’ or ‘our man is more valuable than your man’.

Truth is this – we don’t care what Edouard is worth – we care what Morelos is worth, should we ever find ourselves selling him.

Until then, he sits pretty as one of the best players in the country, and Celtic’s counterpart can kindly just get on with doing whatever he does.

It’s only petty-minded nonsense that has green and whites trying to degrade our player in favour of their own – perhaps they should just focus on what he’s doing for them rather than trying to smear Colombian international Alfredo Morelos.

Just a thought.

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  1. As we all know, those from the Nou Camp, do tend to go with "emotive" argument and dont tend to argue on facts, indeed are quite happy to ignore facts that degrade their emotive argument.

    Bottom line a player is ONLY worth the money that someone is actually willing to pay. Even then, the price tag doesn't end the argument about who is the best player.

    As you said, I couldnt give a jot what they think of their player. If I had a choice of having either of them playing for Rangers, I would chose the one we have already, El Buffalo.

  2. Celtic fans are just obsessed with everything about Rangers and the closer we are getting to them the worse they become. They spend more time talking about us than they do about their own team. It always has been and always will be all about the Rangers.

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