Sunday, 27 October 2019

As at least three clubs look at key Rangers man, we ask...

Further to our earlier piece about manager Steven Gerrard and his impact at Ibrox is the inescapable reality that he’s a wanted man now.

We know a few Championship sides have looked at him including Leeds, Turkish giants Besiktas have expressed an interest and of course Liverpool themselves have had Jurgen Klopp bigging Gerrard up as his successor.

Which is not entirely welcome.

For the record, your Ibrox Noise staff are divided on whether we see Stevie Ger as the man for the club – whether we trust him. Some of us are fairly behind him, some of us aren’t too sure and some are utterly against him.

But what none of us can disagree on is the results this season have been very very good and the performances in places excellent. Joint top in the SPL, extremely competitive in Europe and still in all the cup competitions.

All the while building a squad which is looking Rangers-level and of the standard we expect.

The fact is no wonder clubs are looking at this manager – who wouldn’t? He was a legend on the pitch, and won everything apart from the one he really should have. And he’s taken everything he learned as a player into the management game and while he’s not getting absolutely everything right and plenty of fans disagree with a great number of his choices, the end product is justifying the means.

And interest in him will only intensify as his progress at Ibrox continues – we don’t know if we truly expect 55 this season, but we do know there’ll be twists and turns, and as Gerrard, on notably less budget than Lennon and Rodgers before him, keeps pace with Celtic, it’ll only hike his global stock more.

The biggest compliment to your performance is when other clubs want your players or manager.

The more Besiktas and Liverpool keep looking at him, the better he’s doing for us.

And long may that continue.

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