Alfredo Morelos did something extremely unexpected last night

Alfredo Morelos did something extremely unexpected last night

The much-hyped battle between Portugal’s titanic Pepe and Rangers’ Alfredo Morelos finally took place, with emphasis on how physical both players were and how it was a tasty confrontation in the making.

We have to say, the Porto and ex-Real Madrid superstar was made to look less than ordinary by Morelos who had the beating of him and the rest of the Porto backline both psychologically and physically.

Indeed, we were all waiting for the huge tussle, a 50/50 where Pepe would probably get the better of it more often than not given the veteran’s vast experience and glittering medal cabinet.

This guy, don’t forget, has won the Champions League three times. With a reputation as a bit of an animal too, for being way over physical at times and not taking any quarter whatsoever, he’s courted controversy many times for brutal tackles and quite a few red cards.

And yet when the Colombian faced him, Pepe’s impact was conspicuous by its absence and the 23-year old by far had the best of the night, with a potential hat trick on top of the brilliant goal he scored.

It wasn’t absolutely Morelos’ best performance as a Ranger, but it came close, and the Porto stalwart didn’t have an answer at all.

This battle had been bigged up, two physical brutes, two very tough competitors – how would the old fox do against the young upstart, or, more to the point, vice versa.

Well, the answer was pretty unequivocal. By the time Pepe had been done again deep in the second half and his team mate had to foul Morelos to bail Pepe out, it was clear Morelos had well and truly won this battle.

Alfredo Morelos’ value went up £10M last night, but not just for the goal and near-hat trick, but for doing it all on that stage and owning the living daylights out of the legendary Portuguese colossus.

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  1. I'm just wondering how much of influence J Defoe is having on Morelos. Since Defoe's arrival, Morelos temperament has improved 100 fold and doing his talking on the pitch the right way. Love El Buffalo, keep it going son!!

  2. Morelos was excellent last night and has been all season. Though I've detected in the last few games some of the silly petulance has slowly been creeping back in. Hope Gerrard nips it in the bud pronto.

  3. Morelos had pepe in his back pocket last night his strength on the ball was brilliant pepe and Co will not relish coming to ibrox in the next game that's for sure

  4. Correct .I..believe Morelos is in the 30M bracket to any Premier League or top European club
    if you succeed on the big stage against the better players your value goes up

  5. thats the thing though, alfies outbursts will not draw a card in europe because the refs wont judge him based on commentators opinion if that was in spl he would have been booked 💯

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