A new rule has been installed at Ibrox

A new rule has been installed at Ibrox

Continuing our analysis of Steven Gerrard’s post-match tribulations over James Tavernier, the manager has inadvertently admitted something which might not sit well with some Rangers fans:

James Tavernier, 100%, is undroppable.

The captain, absolutely, unequivocally, will always play if fit – end of.

Gerrard’s defence of the former Newcastle man revealed what most fans already knew, but hadn’t yet formally heard it from the horse’s mouth.

Regardless of how Tavernier is playing, he will always start, save for the occasional lower cup match.

For league business and meaningful tournaments, if fit, Tavernier is the first name on the team sheet.

Gerrard revealed that the only other option is Jon Flanagan for Tavernier’s slot, which of course suggests he doesn’t view Matt Polster as an alternative at all, and sees him now as a midfield selection it appears, but regardless, the captain is the only viable choice for RB in Gerrard’s eyes.

For those in doubt:

“[James] never hides, and I think he needs me and he needs his teammates at the moment. I don’t think there is a lot wrong and he will play through this and he will come back to his best which is top. We haven’t got many options to replace him – we have had injuries to Flanagan. I think James needs the crowd with him at this moment, and that will help him to play through this little barren spell he is having.”

Any other player in the side having a ‘little barren spell’ would be benched – with the notable exception of Connor Goldson who’s been having a ‘little barren spell’ since November 2018, but that’s another story for another day.

Tavernier is above the rules. He’s above reproach. And even when costing points and missing penalties, he now knows he’s completely immune to ever losing his place.

Steven Gerrard says so.

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  1. "little barren spell" to me this means SG is referring only to the missed penalties and is not recognizing Tav has been completely off his game for the last few matches. If Tav had scored the penalty yesterday would we all be so over joyed that we completely forgave his mistakes v YB and Hearts? Maybe for a little bit until his next mistake, its not the penalty misses per-say that has the crowd on his back its his inability to defend or do much of anything else along with mistake after mistake when others in the team make a mistake they are dropped, is this why Jack was dropped yesterday due to his mistake against Porto? SG is as much to blame for making Tav captain in the first place.

    • I think Jack was rested yesterday, not dropped. And I think SG had few options for captain when he arrived. Better choices had just arrived. I would like to see Jack get the armband, as he wasn't sent off last season (why he wasn't considered 15 months ago)

  2. Every player at some point goes through a loss of form and confidence what SG was asking for was to get behind him and he will get through this patch instead of berating the man its not rocket science I'd rather take SG advice than some of you lot caning the player

  3. I agree with the boss,lets get behind him and turn this run of bad form around,dropping him will probabily make matters worse for him,lets get off his back and calm down ffs,let Morelos or Defoe take the penalties take the pressure off him for a bit


  4. I thought he played much better yesterday, despite the penalty miss ,so hopefully he is coming out of his spell of poor form .Yes he missed the penalty, but he had scored his previous two and if someone else had taken it and missed, Tav would have got accused of bottling it by handing it off.He can`t win in that situation and he made up for it with a great ball in for the winner .He is the captain and is undroppable especially if the alternative is Flanagan who even on a good day isn`t as good as Tav on a bad day.

  5. Even if he had scored the penalty some fans would be moaning about something else they didn’t think he’d done, he’s our captain and a rangers player we should all be right behind him and every other player at our club.
    I don’t remember hearing as much ridicule of a player who has done his best since joining the club, now Nuno capucho he Was pash.

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