Thursday, 3 October 2019

13-goal striking monster is in Rangers' sights

Rangers’ defence has been a topic of much debate, with argument raging over who should get the shirts. But Steven Gerrard is under particular pressure to get the selection right tonight with home star striker Guillaume Hoarau in mesmerising European form having clinched 13 goals in his last 13 European matches.

The 35-year old might not be the springiest of chickens, but if anyone knows where the back of the net is, it’s him, and his wily experience, temperament and general canniness will be a major obstacle for Rangers’ defence, and Stevie must ward against picking the wrong combination especially on the infamous plastic.

But it’s that 6ft 4 colossus up top, if selected, who will cause Rangers’ backline the biggest headache – a unit of a boy, his consistency in Europe makes him a very tough opponent indeed, and be it Nikola Katic or Filip Helander who gets the nod tonight, they will have to be tighter on him than Tom Miller’s infamous coats of paint…

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