Who lied to Ryan kent?

Who lied to Ryan kent?

On top of Steven Gerrard’s explosive revelations yesterday about Ryan Jack are Ryan Kent’s equally explosive ones about Liverpool.

As we know, Gerrard stated the SFA were ‘careless’ over Jack’s fitness, with claims they knew his injury situation and absolutely neglected it, but Kent’s own statement about Liverpool and the manner of his exit is arguably even more sensational.

Kent, as we know, was subjected to a summer-long saga over his future, with initial claims about his path being later contradicted by other claims, and for his part, Kent dramatically insists he was outright lied to.

But, the more dramatic question is… who by?

We are not going to name names here, as it could land us in trouble, but there are only a handful of people it could possibly be, and only one of them clearly made no sense this summer with their conduct over Kent and certain other Liverpool players.

Whether this is someone in management at Anfield, an agent, or Liverpool backroom staff we couldn’t possibly comment, but Kent’s claims are strong, and given what we know of the sheer contradictions of his future one minute then his future the next, it doesn’t seem the most outlandish possibility.

Of course, what’s done is done, and Kent is now a happy happy Rangers player – the club he wanted all along – he didn’t have to move overseas, he didn’t have to move to the English Championship with its more modest stadiums unlike Ibrox, and he gets European football.

But it’s a bit disappointing that a lad who appears to be entirely honest and forthright with his views (even if he delivers them in such a laid back manner) would suggest he’d been manipulated in this way by people he should have been able to trust.


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  1. I'd love to know exactly who lied to him. Unfortunately we never will because"investigate sports journalism" does not exist. No one will ever check. All the "journos" ever do is post good news stories that we lap up or bad news stories that we read because we're incensed. They play both sides of Glasgow like a cheap fiddle. For example my mates (of either side of the football divide) refer to the Daily Record as the Daily Rhebel or the Daily Rectum. Both convinced it supports the other. Everyone should stop reading the bastard thing because it's trash.

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