What happened with Moussa Konate?


Late last night a little rumour spread over social media that Rangers hadn’t just clinched Ryan Kent, but had pulled off a massive coup with Amiens’ striker Moussa Konate.

The Senegalese forward had been linked to Rangers in recent weeks, and a rumour that the deal was a shock last-minute capture along with the former Liverpool winger began to build up a major head of steam.

Indeed, a photo alleging the attacker was at Glasgow airport went into circulation too, sending fans into overdrive thinking the Ligue One winger was going to be announced this morning.

It didn’t happen, of course, and it’s social media where anything can be created, especially lies, but was Konate ever on the table?

Well, Steven Gerrard never denied this story, to the best of our knowledge, and we know he scouted in France over the summer while working on his coaching licence, and was pictured with Rennes stopper Edson Mexer, so we definitely know he was looking at Ligue 1 players while he was there, but whether Konate was in his thinking we know far less certain.

The hitman was valued at £5M, and a lot of stories swilled around him, and as Deadline Day picked up the rumour he was in Scotland to finalise a deal began to pick up a lot of momentum.

Maybe it was true, maybe he was here, maybe it all fell through. Maybe we’re going to be shocked in a day or two as he gets announced as a Rangers player.

But something was certainly going on last night, and even though Alfredo Morelos stayed, Rangers still do need more quality up front.

Would Konate have been the answer? Maybe…


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