Unbelievable Rangers stat cannot be real. But it is…


Further to our earlier piece about Greg Docherty and his struggles to get minutes in the first team is a shocking stat that may have passed many Rangers fans by about the energetic midfielder.

As we know he did brilliantly at Shrewsbury last season, well enough indeed to earn a recall to Ibrox and a permanent place in the squad for the season.

We had felt this was his chance to kick on and become a mainstay in the side, but as yet that hasn’t happened – and there’s an even more staggering stat that will make admirers of Docherty raise an eyebrow, if, that is, they don’t already know it.

Greg Docherty has had zero Premiership minutes this season. Zip. Nada. Not even one.

Indeed, he even only made one bench, and that was v Hibs. Otherwise Greg Docherty has been completely cast out by Steven Gerrard, including for the Europa League squad which has not included him.

He has started two matches all season – East Fife and the return leg v St Joseph’s, and came on as a late sub in three UEL legs.

It’s evident to see he’s not a player our manager likes, wants, rates or has interest in. He ditched him out on loan last season, but despite how well he did in League One opted to sign someone from that division with marginally inferior stats.

And this season has seen little but insult for him – instead of replacing Ryan Jack for Livi, it was a change in formation to shift Scott Arfield back there.

Steven Gerrard appears to be going out of his way to avoid using Docherty.

But surely he’s deserved more than 0 minutes in the league?


  1. seems a bit unfair,apparently at Liverpool stevie g would decide if a player was good enough very quickly.


  2. In my opinion SG needs to stop having personality clashes with players and play them on merit, I feel Docherty merits a first team slot before a few out there !!

  3. He seems to have favourites and that is worrying Docherty will give you 100% unlike Ojo who for me lacks commitment he is loan player and that is usually the case and even King is in front of Docherty in the pecking order its a shame for he is a good player and deserves better treatment than Gerrard has given him

    • Docherty

      Why have an academy or u23s.

      Ever wondered why Celtics young guns are watched by scouts ? Because they've shown promise because they are allowed on the main stage.

      It's a shambles. And SG Should stop rotating s winning team.

      He should stick Grezda and Co on eBay. Must collect

  4. Have other midfielders been so outstanding that he doesn't deserve a chance? Id say no.

    I would also point out that Kamara seems to have lost his place in the team also, despite being a big hit last season.

  5. That’s right 442, play docherty out wide cutting in or up high through the middle. He’s a box to box player with Davis and jack to compete with.

    When he did play in any of our matches he looked lost.

  6. The manager has decided he`s not good enough , which is fair enough as far as I am concerned .The fringe players who were shit against East Fife haven`t been near the first team since. Polster , Docherty , Stewart and even your favourite Halliday blew their chances and will need to work their way back into the side .In midfield Kamara will be back in before Docherty.

  7. On the occasions Docherty has played this season, he hasn't shown anything to merit a place in the team. He is an improved player after his loan spell, and there is no doubting his effort. But he is certainly way down in the list of midfielders competing for a place, and when he does get on the field he needs to take the opportunity to impress. He has failed to do that so far this season.

  8. I don't think Stevie likes bears. He seems more likely to treat strong rangers minded players less well than the others. Possibly they are more likely to express an opinion than the others and he doesn't like it.

    Any real rangers men seem to get short shrift. Only picked when there is no choice. And I count Shagger and Davis in the "no choice" category because they are so much better than the alternatives there might as well be no choice.

  9. Gerrard decision making has already cost us points against Celtic,, and he will continue costing points by not playing our best players. Once the Europa League kicks off, just watch our team being rotated like last season,,the very same reason why we dropped bread and butter points, and lost the league!
    I hope we do well in Europe, but I pray to win the league and prevent those feckers winning 9 in a row!!

  10. To many journey men players at Ibrox who kiss the badge ,, Gerrard quickly susses them out eg halliday an perhaps docherty is in the same group ,,I trust Gerrard ,for one reason he has done it all at the top level so if he sees something missing in a player then get that player out an bring in a player who he trusts

  11. The unbelievers!.Gerrard has brought prestige to this club, he has lured players to this club that otherwise would not sign, he will bring us over £28m in 2 European campaigns, he has 2 players for every position and of course there will be rotation, 1 defeat in 18 this season and they are still gripeing, we have played Celtic 5 times lost 3 won 2 in the last 2 seasons and also, it's brilliant how these players that don't get a game seem to be great players when they are not playing yet when they get the opportunity they bottle it. Lighten up!

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