“Toxic” – why Rangers may be stuck with shame signing


Steven Gerrard’s strong words over Albanian international Eros Grezda have only cemented the reality that we’ll never see the 2018 signing in a Rangers shirt again.

Grezda, who allegedly spat on a Ballymena opponent this week, was of course a dismal failure on the pitch, aside one briefly promising performance with two goals against a ten-man Motherwell. He was completely wrong for this club, this league, and we’ve blamed enough over the misguided signing of an injured signing in the first place and will let those sleeping dogs lie.

Because no matter what fate has befallen Grezda, no matter how raw a deal he thinks he’s received at Ibrox, it is widely recognised that spitting is perceived as the worst insult a sportsperson can do at another professional, and Grezda, regardless of any unfair treatment he thinks he had, has lost all ounce of goodwill as a result of this despicable conduct.

Gerrard has confirmed this did happen, and has equally verified Grezda won’t play for Rangers again – but we would rather he went even further and kept him away from the Development or Colt sides.

This guy is toxic – we suggested he and his agent, some months ago, appeared to have a cynical approach to football, whereby this journeyman player went around various clubs, never putting his full heart in, ensuring his agent got a big fat signing-on fee and himself a nice wage, before it then went sour and he got another move.

One look at his nomadic career (he’s only 24 don’t forget, and has had six clubs already – none of which were loans) suggests he lacks commitment or heart to this sport, and his agent is equally using him to line his own pockets.

Reports recently have claimed in fact that the player and his agent rejected loan moves, purely because they’d lack a signing on fee for anyone involved. And that this was covered, again, by Gerrard by saying the numbers offered didn’t suit the club. What he really appears to have meant was that they didn’t suit Grezda and his agent.

Grezda really has become the big blot of Steven Gerrard’s managerial career – signed in good (but misguided) faith, this stain on Rangers’ wage bill has compounded his ignominy by spitting on an opponent and making it even harder for Rangers to part company with him.

And it’s not as easy as just severing his deal – unlike Graham Dorrans and Joe Dodoo, Grezda has barely been at Ibrox a year while those two had been over two, and the payoff amount for them was a lot less. Grezda has three years left and that will cost a tonne of money, and the winger will not do Rangers any favours in waiving any of his dues.

No, it looks to us every inch like Rangers are completely stuck with this eyesore on the payroll, and that’s not ideal for anyone.


  1. Freeloading wage thief and now a disgusting idiot. Typical, that we get lumbered with it. A burden. That agent needs a good kick in the nuts!

    • And iam just the man to do it,fucking idiot brining shame to our wonderful club,
      We dont need or want this shit piss off

      No surrender🇬🇧

  2. Spitting on anyone is surely grounds for dismissal on gross misconduct. If I spat on someone at my work i would get my p45 why are footballers held to different standards?

  3. I don't disagree with anything above comments and article, however I really have to the point out the utter hypocrisy of the manager. Not an angel himself when it comes to nightclub DJs and of course quite happy to praise convicted woman beater Jon Flanagan. He ought to be honest enough to say "he won't play again for us because he's a garbage waste of space". Not this pretend outrage for spitting to use it as an excuse to punt him.

  4. A bit far fetched to hold the view that he is working his way round clubs with no professional integrity. A very short career that would prove to be. I think the truth of the matter would prove to be more that he just does not have what a club with the stature of Rangers requires. Gerrard was perhaps to blame for going after him on the strength of a couple of games against his rangers side of very early last season. Spitting is an abhorrant act of course and one that should not be tolerated nor encouraged.

  5. Stuck with him? Not a chance, there will be something in the contract that says they can sack but this isnt normal employment. Mutu is the perfect example of why just sacking players doesnt work. Players arent employees but are assets that have employee contracts. So he will go in january at the very latest.

  6. Yep – if I spat on a co worker i'd be out the door pronto and this is what needs to happen to Grezda- sacked, no more wages f… off son.

  7. I'm disappointed more hasn't been said about Captain for the night Greg Dochertys part in this spitting incident. While Grezda was disgracing the jersey for one last time Greg played the part of a true Glasgow Rangers Captain by visiting the opponents dressing room to apologise. What a class act. Well done young man.

  8. Why the out rage over a player spitting. No one said anything when we signed the el hadJi dioup, who was know for spitting on other players and fans.
    We have a convicted wife beater in the team, who Gerrard was happy to praise.

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