This can’t be true about Jermain Defoe… can it?


There’s little doubt this season Jermain Defoe has become even more than the ‘extremely useful’ backup striker he was last campaign.

Steven Gerrard admitted neither he nor Alfredo Morelos were outright number one pick, and the English legend’s goal count was a major reason as to why he was no longer just a deputy to the Colombian.

And looking deeper into Defoe’s stats this term give some indication of just how frighteningly potent this ex-Spurs striker has been for Rangers, even at the ripe old age of 36.

Jermain Defoe has played 511 minutes of football this season for Rangers in all competitions, and scored a sweltering 8 goals in that time (just over five full matches).

That breaks down to a goal every 63 minutes of football, and for a striker who’s only started 5 of the 14 matches he’s been involved in that’s a pretty stunning statistic.

It makes Defoe one of Steven Gerrard’s best, most astute and shrewd acquisitions – sure, how bad can a 50+ cap ex-England international be?

Well, better players than Defoe have struggled in Scotland – he just hasn’t – the diminutive hitman has been on fire this season, and his goals to minutes ratio shows he’s producing time and time again, and has been excellent value for money.

We can only be glad we have a striker of this quality to push Alfredo Morelos even more.


  1. It must be a great learning opportunity for Alfredo and the rest of the Young Rangers (even some of those who are older too) to watch him Train conduct himself and be around. By the way looking at the gallery for the Euro Game on Wednesday Gerrard looked in great shape too !!!

  2. I agree with BillB, having Defoe around must be of immense benefit especially for the younger players. I am sure Jermaine will have contributed to ever improving play that Morelos is displaying.
    It would be interesting to know how Alfredo's goals per minute ration compares to Defoe. Do you know IN?

    • Morelos – 850mins 11 goal 77mins per goal

      Scotlands 'top' striker, according to them:)) 1088 mins 6 goals 181mins per goal!!

    • Oh dear, 77 mins per goal. That is terrible 🙂
      How lucky are we to have two strikers who are so prolific!
      Both Morelos and Defoe well ahead of "Scotland's allegedly top striker", in actual goals and goals per minute. It makes me laugh.

  3. Brilliant for our defenders in training not just strikers. Playing those 2 every day must make our CBs better. Defoe is a goal machine, his ability whether in or out the starting 11 is what makes him special. Majority of plyers need time to warm to match sharpness etc defoe just comes out the blocks every time

  4. I would say expected he's always been quality from his first game and will have it until hes retired can't learn absolute class the man is on and of the field

  5. Alanc last i seen alfredo was a goal every 78mins. Dunno if that will be slightly different now after scoring at the weekend though.

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