There’s a secret you might not know about Glen Kamara…


Glen Kamara’s form this season has been an issue of some slight contention.

The Finnish international hasn’t quite scaled the heights for Rangers this term that he did during the split last campaign, and he’s been man enough to hold his hands up and admit his form hasn’t been as good as he would have liked, and that’s why he feels he’s been in and out of the team.

He’s absolutely right, and that ability to introspect and take responsibility shows matureness beyond his tender years.

However, his international performances have been markedly better, and he’s been impressing globally for his Scandinavian buddies in the Euros, and indeed for pretty much every cap he’s won.

But there’s a bit of a secret to this – Glen Kamara plays a notably different position for his country than he does for Rangers – rather than the initial defensive midfielder he was cast as for Steven Gerrard, before he moved forward a little into central midfield, for his nation Glen Kamara actually plays as an attacking midfielder, and how much of a coincidence can it be that his best displays recently have been for the Nordics?

Of course, this position is one Rangers have completely monopolised in the form of the outstanding Ryan Jack, so while Kamara may be blooming as a number 8 on the international stage, he may find his options to play there for Steven Gerrard a lot more limited.

Indeed, we saw for ourselves his qualities in that facet of the game against Celtic during the split – his ‘assist’ for Scott Arfield which saw him more or less take out the visitors’ midfield in one or two turns before elegantly sliding the ball forward perfectly showed the vision and quality Kamara has in that area, and it’s something his national side take perfect advantage of.

But for Rangers, Jack is the custodian of that slot, and aside the rotational opportunities Kamara might get there, we can’t see the Scottish international giving that place up easily.

It’s Gerrard’s call at the end of the day, but Kamara is arguably now a bit wasted in a more retreated role in midfield, where contrarily there’s no real vacancy in the slot he’d probably prefer.

Still, nice problem to have really…


  1. I think you are wrong about Jacks place in Stevies formation. I believe I can even convince you that you are wrong though I may be wrong about that. Think of stevies formation in midfield he has 3 players 1 dm usually and a right and left sided box to box midfielder either side of him usually jack and aribo. Think of it like this, when tav is caught marauding upfield and the opposition break up our right hand side who covers for Tav thats right Jack and is that the traditional job that an attacking mid would be doing no its not so both jack and aribo in stevies formation have to play as box to box midfielders. If anyone in our team can be considered to be playing as an attacking midfielder its Arfield the glorious canadian and how often do you see him cover for tav never unless he is moved back a place into the midfield. Now look at how often we see aribo get forward probably more than jack does as jack is too busy covering tav when he is out of position for 90% of every game. So when aribo plays in kamaras position in the midfield he is on the attack more than jack yet when kamara is there you feel he is further back than jack and that instruction isnt coming from the manager its just kamara has not been getting forward like he should.

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