The Rangers shock that no one really noticed


The signing of Ryan Kent really was a monumental moment in Rangers’ history. Not only was it the second highest fee paid by Rangers for a player ever, but it was also the third-highest fee ever paid out by a Scottish club, period (Flo, Edouard).

Now, the fact so few are making a huge deal of this does show how the football world moves on quickly, but when we actually pause to think about this fee, it really did come out of absolutely nowhere and didn’t reflect a gradual increase in Rangers’ transfer fees over recent years.

It was a clutch of players at £1.15M in 2017, then Pena for around £2.2M-£3.2M the same summer depending on who you believe, then £3M for Goldson in 2018, then £3M again for Helander earlier this summer.

Out of nowhere well over double that went out towards Kent 15 days ago.

Now this is not to question the origin of the cash – it was a completely legit signing and we had the money.

No, this is more of a curiousness at how we went from £1.5M players, to £3M, to then literally throwing down all our aces and splashing out big time with £7.5M.

It’s been so many years since Rangers spent that kind of money on players, and frankly we’re still readjusting to such outlay. We really weren’t expecting Rangers to spend it, even though we said we needed to.

But here we are, paying the market rate, the asking price, for a top class player who will light up Ibrox again this season.

Feels good to know this club is still willing to spend big – and feels better that it is able to as well.


  1. yes really good feeling at rangers just now on and off park ,stadium looking tremendous ,if we can squeeze another 5000 seats in somewhere ,and do something around stadium to celebrate 150 years surely one of best stadiums in britain ,on the park some players worth right few bob ,some silver ware this year and we are well truly back ,good to see scotland national team doing so well ,happy days w,a,t,p

  2. alan i understand all your saying but we constantlly miss out on the top stadia in europe all because a few thousand seats as in attendance average and size ,wouldn,t it be nice to say were in top ten in europe instead of top 30 ,we have best away support in britain , easilly fill ibrox with 58,000 just for atmosphere ,david murray done that to stadium so he could get us in to pay every away game with those screens , we do need a bigger stadium , r,t,i,d

  3. I am concerned about where we are getting the money for Kent. We still have a few debts and legal action expenses to get settled.If no silverware is achieved this season then Morelos and Tav might need to be sold to cover bills. Definitely interesting times ahead. European run is a must.

    • It's fairly obvious Captain that Morelos and Tav will go when the right offer comes in regardless of whether or not we win silverware. And in case you hadn't noticed we are in the middle of another fine European run.

  4. Gerrard gave Liverpool, his love, our money for a player only worth half,. We have been robbed! Nobody else wanted Kent, but we pay 7 million, just for him to get a hamstring injury in his first game?! Utter nonsense!!! and Rangers fell for it.
    I think we need to get real here folks! Celtic will win 9 in a row this season if we don't stop them,, this transfer window did damn all for me to think we can stop them!!
    Gerrard funded Liverpool, when we desparately needed a striker. I hope and pray nothing happens to El Buffalo!!

  5. If Celtic have been selling players at a rate of 1 stellar player per season to break even an ensure that there club stays healthy ,howdo we think that we can splash that cash an it won't damage club in long run ,,Dave king is thinking short term ,do we bankrupt club again to stop the taig.,I hope not

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