Wednesday, 4 September 2019

The BBC once again show blatant hate for Rangers

The BBC have once again shown their absolute contempt for Rangers with their latest show of subtle hatred towards all things Ibrox.

As Rangers fans will recall, Ryan Jack’s recall into the Scotland side barely merited a mention on the story about Steve Clarke’s squad to face Russia and Belgium, despite the standout nature of his inclusion and the talk it generated.

And yet tonight, Kyle Lafferty’s recall into the NI squad gets headline precedence – the moment he’s left Rangers to join Norwegians Sarpsborg.

It’s beyond laughable to watch the blatant, and subtle, digs at Rangers with how the BBC, and specifically Pacific Quay, continue to conduct themselves.

This feud from Rangers’ side ended a long time ago – the club doesn’t care about the BBC – the boycott is entirely on their side now, bar the behaviour of Chris McLaughlin – we presume he is still barred, but no one else is, and they refuse to engage with our club.

And this Lafferty nonsense, while subtle, is yet more comical and brazen evidence of just how much they hate us and continue to do so.

No one Likes Us…

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