Stevie G should make smart move for 57-cap international free agent striker


With the transfer window now shut and a two-week international break upon us, much mulling is going on with regards Rangers going forward.

One of the biggest issues we feel at Ibrox Noise was the failure to secure a striker this summer, and now that the window is past us, the market is limited to free agents.

But, this might not be a problem with an entirely attainable selection of players still very much on the market, and a subtle stand out could be 57-cap and former Lorient striker Benjamin Moukandjo.

The 30-year hitman was recently freed from Chinese Super League side Jiangsu Suning and currently resides as one of the more coveted Bosmans, given his record in Ligue 1 was a consistent one in two for Les Merlus in 56 appearances.

And that wasn’t that long ago – as recently as 2017 he was banging away 13 in 25 over the course of the campaign.

A 5ft 11 forward, he isn’t the biggest striker around, but goals are what he does, and he also has a healthy record for his country as well.

He spent most of his career in France, which is certainly a fine footballing pedigree, and we shouldn’t omit the fact he was Cameroon’s captain as well, before retiring last year.

A speedy, strong, aerially clever and visionary striker who can assist, Moukandjo is a very useful number 9 who would be an excellent addition of depth at a fairly modest cost – he won’t be available forever, such is the stock he has in the game, and even in the Super League in China he managed 7 in 11, which is a top class return.

Rangers could do worse, especially given the importance of covering either Defoe or Morelos upon injury.

Maybe worth a look?


  1. I'm 48 years old and had £2130 in savings and bet it all on Russia at 6 to 4 , it was a sweat out but I won , felt like a traitor betting against Scotland, but the anger towards the SFA made it easier . I'm Scottish and so proud of it , lived in England for 24 years now , no square sausage , scotch pies or Tennants lager and still defend Scotland, you have to , it's what you do . I've been to 2 world cups following them but I just have no respect for the SFA anymore, I always thought it was people getting paranoid and angry etc but they really hate us for some reason,5 of my friends are season ticket holders at castle grey skull , they even admit the BBC and SFA have it in for us , glad us Bears aren't paranoid . I used to live to watch Sportscene but cant anymore , it's so biased against us . If we start winning things it's going to go completely toxic , they hate us when we are shit , I'm that paranoid I'm sure if it came to.last game of season all points even and we won by a goal difference, they'd dock us points just to stop us winning . It's like no one likes us , we dont care. Dont care if we are hated but treat our club fairly.

  2. Yip I agree that we most definitely need to sign another striker.If reports are true regarding us still in talks to sign italian midfielder claudio marchisio,as much as he's a superb midfielder,we most definitely need a striker long before another midfielder.

  3. We need a striker full stop… if we don’t get one, it’s going to be difficult for us to win the league. Just taking into account, if injury or suspension omits Morelos or Defo we are in trouble!!!

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