Thursday, 19 September 2019

Steven Gerrard shock for Feyenoord better not happen...

So we can’t be the only ones who saw a recent story claiming Nikola Katic is set to be benched tonight after allegedly being given a roasting by Connor Goldson after Rangers’ unconvincing win over Livi.

This report suggests the former Brighton stopper was fuming over Katic’s performance at the weekend, but where do we even begin with this.

First off, as our exclusive poll reveals, 90% of Rangers fans would drop Goldson before even thinking about Katic’s place among the subs.

Secondly, Goldson himself struggled in the same match, and if there’s any truth to this story, and we doubt that, it would be he more likely to be benched if all is pure and holy.

But then, a number of subplots arise as a result.

Firstly – like we say, Goldson wasn’t great, so he is in no position to tell anyone else off for not performing in that match.

Secondly is the fact that fans are completely in favour of starting Filip Helander in Goldson’s place for the foreseeable future.

And thirdly, the most telling of all – if Connor Goldson continues to play, but Katic is dropped for Feyenoord, it will be a deeply troubling turn of events showing Goldson can play as poorly as he wants and never gets dropped, while one error from Katic sees him benched. And if that kind of management manifested itself, we can honestly say for the first time we may believe Steven Gerrard isn’t the man to take Rangers forward. It’s that serious.

Of course, we’ll see the team sheet tonight before making such an emotional knee jerk reaction, but Katic has absolutely been one of, if not Rangers absolute best player this season. If he was to be dropped tactically for a perceived ‘poor’ performance (it wasn’t) at the first hurdle, while Goldson continues after a string of them, it would be one of the worst pieces of management from our coach and would suggest last season’s nonsense which saw Joe Worrall take Katic’s place by the time the European group football began had absolutely nothing to do with loan clauses, and everything to do with Steven Gerrard.

It’s safe to say Katic being on the bench tonight would be a complete outrage.

It better not be the case.

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