Steven Gerrard has said something odd about Jordan Jones


Steven Gerrard definitely wasn’t the toast of Rangers fans yesterday, with the manager failing on just about every level imaginable, much like the team.

However, his post-match interview was uncharacteristically poor, where rather than take the true blame on the chin, he appeared to deflect a lot of the blame onto the players he mismanaged.

Furthermore, one soundbite really stood out amidst all the rest:

“He deserves the red card and he deserves his ban and he’s got everything to do now to get back in my team.”

Jordan Jones will be more than a touch upset with this statement. Yes, it was a poor moment of madness in the hotbed that is the Old Firm, but there’s a bit of an issue – to get back in Gerrard’s team he had to have been in it in the first place.

Jordan Jones played less than half the minutes the team has as a whole. Rangers have played 1170 minutes of competitive football this term, Jones managing 451 of them. To say he needs to get back in infers he’s already a first choice, and clearly, with his minutes, he hasn’t been.

Jones, despite being a Gerrard signing, and showing plenty of ability and class on the pitch, isn’t a Gerrard favourite, even bearing in mind clause appearances for Ojo.

So for Stevie to say he’ll need to fight hard to get back the minimal amount of first team football he’s already had really is quite a strong statement.

Mind you, with Ryan Kent rejoining, it may just be a non-issue anyway…


  1. At least JJ tried. Ok, it was a moment of madness, but he was trying. Which is more than I can say about some of the side-passers, yesterday. He made a mistake.

  2. Considering how easily Morelos waltzed back into the team after his numerous red cards (equally if not more so stupid than JJ's) it is a pretty disgusting statement from his manager which reeks of double standards

  3. mr gerrard got it all wrong ,hes just not clever enough for scottish football ,look at mr lennon all praise for his player mcgregor ,who should have seen red ,arfeild should have rolled about feighing injury , smeltic destroyed us with half a team , oh forgot we played with half team but our best players were benched ,very strange r,t,i,d

    • Fkin hell Stevie…if SG is not good enough to manage in Scottish football then that's him had it as a manager …! It's a poor result and performance yes I agree ..but let's not get carried away ..I thought the team looked tired after Thursday ..and I'll take the cash for qualifying for the group stages over beating Celtic on this occasion the league has a long way to go and the Legia result has probably paid for Ryan Kent

  4. I don't think SG likes Jones, Jones for me was a stick on to start the old firm game, not just based on his past games performances but also based on the fact he has played against Celtic many times in the past for Killie, to bring Ojo on instead of Jones said a good deal to me about how much SG rates him. Ojo had a howler in the last Euro game and even SG stated he is playing with an injury so why put him on ahead of Jones who changed the game when he did come on against Legia?
    I get the feeling SG will use his red card as an excuse to push Jones further down the pecking order. It will now be Kent (if we sign him), Ojo, Barker and then Jones. Its a shame cos the guy is our best left winger by far, i even rate him more than Kent.

  5. Guys as Bears we are all gutted at both the result and particularly the performance or lack of it. The team selection shocked and horrified most of us but managers live or die on their picks so Steven will take responsibility for the defeat. One thing he got correct was the Jordan Jones tackle was a shocker, his ban is deserved and he will have to fight his way back into the side. To raise the issue of minutes played so far is a nonsense. The day after such a feeble defeat i,m sure there are lots of more important things to write about.

  6. Jones wasn’t here last year but he has been caught up with last year’s indiscipline.

    A mini “Wallace/Miller gate”. SG better be careful he doesn’t walk on water in Glasgow!

  7. Definitely agree with most of the column, as Jones is ridiculously under used, as was Glen Middleton Yadda Yadda Yadda. To make way for Kent, now OJO!!!!!!

    Like it or not the selection/rotation process smacks of either favouritism, or contractual restraints via Loans or worse still, bad man Management.

    If on Thursday Jones put the ball on Alfredo's noggin to win the game, money, notariety WHY FKIN CHANGE IT???

    And why buy players then not use them because there's a Scouser needing primed for elsewhere, why have an academy when it's ignored to our detriment.

    And We STILL are way behind that lot who ATTACK with 4 up front

    Disgusted? Yeah. Just a big bit

    I'd be happy seeing Docherty and McPake and McCrorie and Atakayi and Jones and Middleton in with Jack Davies Arfield Morelos Shagger Edmundson Helander and Katic maybe Aribo, but Kamara Tav and Goldson and Barisic need reprogramming

    Give Jake the peg and Greg the Peg to Kilmarnock

    No one wants Dorrans Murphy Halliday Dodoo ( any of these worse than Ojo?)

  8. I completely agree with Kenny. It was a horrible day, bad team selection from the manager, and very poor performance from most of the players who got on the pitch. Jones behaved like an idiot with that tackle, and it might well affect his position in the team going forward in the same way as Morelos has had less playing time after his red card, because Defoe stepped up to the mark in his absence. The thing that matters most is our results going forward.

  9. SJW, jordan jones is not in ryan kent's league mate.Kent is head and shoulders above any winger currently at ibrox.
    Jones is a good enough winger but nowhere near as good as kent i'm afraid.

  10. I am afraid S.G. got the team selection wrong ,we had nobody to push Celtic back down the wings. Defoe needs the ball in the box like any good goal scorer,i am sure that formation will not be seen to often.Liverpool fans must have been shocked to see a team set up that way, may not done himself any favours yesterday ,at the end of the day players let him down as well ,lets hope he learns quick from his mistake because up too now he has done a very good job, one bad game will not lose us the league.

  11. I would imagine it's just down to Gerrard be stricter on discipline this year. Probably said to the whole squad they will lose their place for picking up silly reds. Unfortunately Jones has put him in a position where he'll have to back up his pre-season warnings or look weak

  12. Striker scores in the 90th minute in a massive European tie, his confidence is sky high he's 22 years old and can run all day long, next game we're playing our most hated enemy, right son your oan the bench,, gonnie somebody explain that tae me.

  13. Jones is direct and likely to win penalties when he drives into the box. He has proven spl experience also which is a reason to be preferred over ojo. It's a shame if SG doesn't play jones ahead of ojo because kent and jones on the wings would be great. I fear jones injury is serious and he'll now be out for a lenghty period

  14. The fact we were favourites to win the game tells me, how far we have come under SG…..Do people forget !!! They came on Sunday they were up for it because they were underdogs hats aff to them … But it’s swings and roundabouts 1-0 Lennon, SG down but not out..

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