Monday, 2 September 2019

Steven Gerrard has said something odd about Jordan Jones

Steven Gerrard definitely wasn’t the toast of Rangers fans yesterday, with the manager failing on just about every level imaginable, much like the team.

However, his post-match interview was uncharacteristically poor, where rather than take the true blame on the chin, he appeared to deflect a lot of the blame onto the players he mismanaged.

Furthermore, one soundbite really stood out amidst all the rest:

“He deserves the red card and he deserves his ban and he’s got everything to do now to get back in my team.”

Jordan Jones will be more than a touch upset with this statement. Yes, it was a poor moment of madness in the hotbed that is the Old Firm, but there’s a bit of an issue – to get back in Gerrard’s team he had to have been in it in the first place.

Jordan Jones played less than half the minutes the team has as a whole. Rangers have played 1170 minutes of competitive football this term, Jones managing 451 of them. To say he needs to get back in infers he’s already a first choice, and clearly, with his minutes, he hasn’t been.

Jones, despite being a Gerrard signing, and showing plenty of ability and class on the pitch, isn’t a Gerrard favourite, even bearing in mind clause appearances for Ojo.

So for Stevie to say he’ll need to fight hard to get back the minimal amount of first team football he’s already had really is quite a strong statement.

Mind you, with Ryan Kent rejoining, it may just be a non-issue anyway…

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