Steven Gerrard announces bizarre choice of Rangers’ ‘best’ player v Celtic…

Steven Gerrard announces bizarre choice of Rangers’ ‘best’ player v Celtic…

In a bizarre move, Steven Gerrard has singled out Jon Flanagan as the only Rangers player he was content with on an afternoon where at least Alan McGregor and certainly Steven Davis joined the ex-Liverpool man as Rangers’ best players.

The manager, speaking post-match, didn’t appear to take a lot of responsibility for this afternoon’s performance, suggesting the players just hadn’t delivered, but it was his spotlight, curiously, on the left back, which raised the biggest eyebrows.

Yes, we did think Flanno had a decent match, but he wasn’t alone, with his number one and holding mid Davis also very much among Rangers’ more impressive players, so to only mention him is a bizarre choice and we’re not quite sure why the manager, himself hugely at fault today, went this route.


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  1. I knew when I seaw the lineup at 2pm today that we weren't going to win. Flooding the midfield? Fair enough. Doing it with Defoe upfront? Tactically inept. Defoe is not capable of playing up front on his own with no service.

    We were visably uncomfortable and confused in the first half. Aribo was supposed to playing on the left wing and I was horrified by how many times I saw him on the right touchline. We had zero pace in the team without our wingers and this was highlighted along with the confusion of the players when Defoe in the box plays the ball out wide right…to nobody (expecting a winger there to sling in a cross).

    The papers are also rying to make out Madden had a good game yet doesn't mention failing to book McGregor for simulation…twice! On a normal day he would have been booked for that 9th minute "tackle" and for diving, then the game changes.

    Gerrard, despite knowing how to beat Celtic at Ibrox by attacking (with wingers!) and pressing decides to change tactics instead of sticking with the winning formula. His team selection showed he was scared of losing today and prematch tried to justify his brain fart by saying the Legia game took it out of the players and he needed freshness…despite Celtic playing AWAY in Sweden and having to fly home…yet the same players started for them and they completely out ran and outplayed us. Does Gerrard not trust his players fitness?

    We did not get beat today cos they are better. We got beat cos Gerrard seriously screwed up. I would have forgiven it eventually had he accepted responsibility but for him to blame the players is dirty in the extreme.

    Manager is cut way too much slack cos of who he is…people need to take the blue tinted glasses off and judge him objectively. If Caixinha was in charge today everyone would have wanted him sacked on the spot.

    If Gerrard wins nothing this season again he must go, plain and simple.
    In Gerrard we trust? Not after today. Tactical ineptitude.

    • Can't believe this …Gerrard had put Rangers back on the European map and we are now a competitive Europa League team in my opinion . Think we can compete in that group we have ..massive progress is being made . Bad day ,bad performance , well beaten ..move on

  2. Unfortunately I can't argue with any of those inputs! Rangers looked imbalanced and awkward. No width no desire . The Rotten Mob were there for the taking fist half we blew it with error after error. SG must take the blame for picking the wrong team…any real pace up front early on and we do them. Aribo not at this level yet . Goldson too lackadaisical . SG will have to hope someone takes points from them . Maybe we had Another false dawn !!!

  3. Poor against st mirren , poor against Legia.
    Poor again today.
    Didn’t look like ourselves today .
    Stevie g got it wrong.
    Alfie had to play from the start to drag their make shift defence about.
    Aribo shouldn’t have started as he has been really poor against st mirren and Legia.

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