Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Rangers shock - Stevie's hand may have been forced over attacker

One man who must not know if he’s coming or going right now is Jamie Murphy. The out-of-favour left winger had flirted with leaving on loan, with manager Steven Gerrard confirming that was being looked at for the ex-Brighton attacker, but it didn’t come to pass and the 29-year old remains a Rangers player.

Indeed, Gerrard had said a couple of times that Murphy was being courted for a move out on loan, but it appears nothing manifested itself well enough to be suitable for either player and/or club, so he remains in Govan.

Murphy isn’t wanted at Ibrox, it’s that simple. He isn’t needed.

Or rather, wasn’t.

Brandon Barker and Jordan Jones’ injuries left Rangers without a single left winger, which also forced Steven Gerrard’s hand over the signing of Ryan Kent.

But that still only left the manager with a solitary option for that side – enter Jamie Murphy.

Murphy did modestly last season before injury – he wasn’t the most dangerous player, but he linked up well and was effective at cutting in and making space for the left back to overlap. He also improved significantly as the Europa League campaign went on.

As we know he lost his season to injury, and as we warned several times last term, Rangers rather moved on from Jamie Murphy and left him behind. Ryan Kent left him redundant, and despite his regaining fitness this summer, the signings of Brandon Barker and January’s pre-contract of Jones confirmed Rangers didn’t have any major investment any more in the ex-Motherwell man.

And up till the Old Firm, that was the way it remained.

But fast forward only four days. Barker, lost to injury, Jones likewise. Glenn Middleton away to Hibs.

Ryan Kent is now Rangers’ only option, and he needs someone pushing him.

Murphy has a massive, massive chance at a reprieve now. Stevie has been rotating match-by-match, and mostly saving his strongest team for Europa League matches. Jamie Murphy may just find himself starring in the SPL again.

It would be quite a turnaround for him, even if Gerrard isn’t necessarily his biggest fan.

But Rangers have had worse players than Jamie Murphy.

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