Rangers shock: club could have a serious case for dramatic legal action


With Steven Gerrard’s revelations over Steve Clarke’s disgracefully shoddy and amateurish handling of Ryan Jack’s fitness still fresh in the memory, it raises a serious question.

Gerrard clearly states the national team was aware of Jack’s fitness issue with his knee, that Steve Clarke was well aware of his ongoing issues.

This means that the care that the NT was supposed to take with the player was evidently not in effect, and they either carelessly damaged Jack through pure neglect and ignorance, or deliberately set about damaging him to weaken the player at club level.

Either one is completely unacceptable and it’s clear Rangers have a strong legal case to take genuine action over this – no apology has been made, and typical of any team managed by Steve Clarke, no accountability has been forthcoming.

In short, Scotland and the ex-Killie boss don’t have a leg to stand on here.

If Rangers can prove Scotland knew of Jack’s ailment and neglected the proper care and attention towards a Rangers asset and valuable property, there is certainly a case to answer.

Whether Rangers would want another court case is a completely different matter, true, and it’s likely the hassle wouldn’t be worth it, but equally Ryan Jack’s importance to the club is paramount and if Rangers truly feel they have something worth prosecuting, there may be every chance.

After all, just about anything goes to court these days…


  1. It is shoddy, but come on Jack is an Adult and hardly future captain material if he can't stick up for himself to manage his own fitness issues against an amateur set up like national team

  2. Doubt we are going to want to start yet another fight with the SFA. Just make sure knee flares up in future when he gets a call up

  3. I am sure that details will be getting discussed behind the scenes, as Gav E commented – why did Jack just not say something, and before others comment, "it might have affected his getting picked" – so what !, he should have still said something. Stevie G has made his statement and fair play, but the interesting thing for me is why the rest of the squad all done the same, and some of them also played games in a close time scale to Ryan Jack.

  4. Whatever the rights and wrongs of this latest episode my question still remains
    why would any rangers player wish to play for a nation whose footballing authorities have done nothing to assist our club in our time of trouble in fact they appear to go out of their way to do as much damage to our club as possible.
    Rangers pay our players wages they provide a good quality of living for the players so why would a player wish to play for those who would dearly love to harm us.
    And finally the last time Jack was in a Scotland squad he came back injured

  5. andy your so right about this so called scottish set up ,they are putting us down any way possible your there to do your best for scottish teams and scottish fans ,its not the fans fault certain people running rangers stole however amount of millions yet us fans have had the brunt of it ,hopefully no rangers players play for scotland again ,i love watching hampden empty ,i love watchhing scotland getting horsed ,hopefully us rangers fans boycot away grounds ,sort this mob out , r,t,i,d

  6. He's a grown man and has to take responsibility for himself. He could and should have told Clarke et al to stuff it.

    Honestly f**k this world if we're now at a stage where footballers are snowflakes who won't stand up to their gaffers unless they're in a huff and want a move. Are there no real men left in football….

  7. More to the point, we seem to have a player who is not that old but whom we need to manage through games and who cant do a full training session a couple of days after a game – this is not sustainable, surely he will need an op in the not too distant?

  8. Everyone else did the same training session ffs.
    If Ryan was struggling with his knee he should have pulled the pin himself, no point blaming anybody else.
    Why he would want to play for a team that the supporters are booing U is a different kettle of fish!!

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