Friday, 13 September 2019

Rangers shock: club could have a serious case for dramatic legal action

With Steven Gerrard’s revelations over Steve Clarke’s disgracefully shoddy and amateurish handling of Ryan Jack’s fitness still fresh in the memory, it raises a serious question.

Gerrard clearly states the national team was aware of Jack’s fitness issue with his knee, that Steve Clarke was well aware of his ongoing issues.

This means that the care that the NT was supposed to take with the player was evidently not in effect, and they either carelessly damaged Jack through pure neglect and ignorance, or deliberately set about damaging him to weaken the player at club level.

Either one is completely unacceptable and it’s clear Rangers have a strong legal case to take genuine action over this – no apology has been made, and typical of any team managed by Steve Clarke, no accountability has been forthcoming.

In short, Scotland and the ex-Killie boss don’t have a leg to stand on here.

If Rangers can prove Scotland knew of Jack’s ailment and neglected the proper care and attention towards a Rangers asset and valuable property, there is certainly a case to answer.

Whether Rangers would want another court case is a completely different matter, true, and it’s likely the hassle wouldn’t be worth it, but equally Ryan Jack’s importance to the club is paramount and if Rangers truly feel they have something worth prosecuting, there may be every chance.

After all, just about anything goes to court these days…
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