Rangers hero is going to be a legend – and we all know it


In the summer of 2017, one Ibrox Noise reader made a far-flung comment, one which we mostly scoffed at and which appeared based on very little indeed.

In the now-autumn of 2019, her left-field assertion appears to have come from an outright crystal ball.

“Ryan Jack will become a legend for this Club”.

Let’s face it, Jack has been, overall, Rangers’ most consistent player this season. He gave major hints last season of just how good he could be, with some stellar performances early in the season and some even stronger ones over the split.

And that form has carried on this term, but actually improved.

Ryan Jack has gone from strong if unexceptional defensive midfielder to complete all-round number 8 – he wears Gazza’s shirt/number and he wears it with absolute distinction now, and as each match goes by, Jack looks like maybe the best Rangers signing since 2012, purely based on value for money.

While it would be very hard to put a market value on this guy, the transfer fee of nought has looked absolutely fantastic as the 27-year old has only got better and better and better over the two years+ of his time at Ibrox.

A boyhood Bear, his evolution from a decent Aberdeen player to something genuinely special in the blue shirt under the guidance of Steven Gerrard has been something to behold.

He attacks, he defends, he playmakes, he fills in gaps, he works his socks of, he reads, he scores, and he creates. And that’s only a portion of his contribution.

Rarely have we seen one player benefit so outstanding from a manager as Jack has from Gerrard – the Anfield legend was a titan midfielder on the pitch, and it feels like Jack has completely nurtured from that and become more than he and we ever thought possible.

It’s no coincidence that he is close to an ever-present when fit – he’s developed into a critical part of Gerrard’s system, and when he’s not in the side, as he wasn’t v Livi, Rangers just don’t play half as well.

He’s in negotiations for a new deal, and we say whatever he asks for he’s worth. He’s been offered terms but nothing official has agreed yet, and while his current contract has two years to run, Rangers ideally want to secure this man for life. While obviously we shouldn’t pay stupid money, Jack is clearly value, and has been stellar for the best part of the whole calendar year.

It’s evident why Rangers want to tie him up longer, to reward him for his contribution.

Will he become that legend? If the likes of Nacho Novo, Fernando Ricksen (RIP), and even big Lorenzo are considered as such, Jack is well on his way to getting there.

Maybe he already is.


  1. I think its possible hes in a better squad and with Davis, arfield etc around him as opposed to the likes of holt (sorry halliday) he has much more time in the middle of the park and good players always make themselves available. I value the guys contribution but I just dont think he's as stellar as people have been talking of late. I'd like to see aribo sitting in that deep position with kamara and Davis for a few games to see how the extra flare and pace impacts the team. Jack is too slow and offers little going forward.

  2. Don't agree with you about a lot of topics but you got this one spot on superb on sunday very consistent,remindes me of wee Stuart McCall when he was at his best,has to get the captains job sometime.

  3. I agree with the majority of whats been written but in his time with this club he's won nothing. I am not saying i don't rate him, i think he's terrific, but until we start winning silverware like Novo, Rickson and Amo then he will not be considered a legend nor will the rest of the team responsible.

  4. Top, top player. He reads the play brilliantly, which creates more space and time for him, and those around him. SG has taken him up a level and has given credit to the sheep for bringing him on (just saying). Think we should also get Mystic Meg's crystal ball tied up on a long term contract.

  5. I think Ryan Jack is an exceptional Rangers player . He really understands what what Rangers are all about . He had suffered both on and off the park from jealous Sheep Shagger Mentality when he came to Ibrox and also from the so called Shit Scottish Supporters . He has risen above this and is becoming a every present fixture in our rise to the top where we belong . To be a legend is a different story …I hope he can enjoy that status when we get 55 and more .

  6. Have to admit I haven't always been a fan and thought he would struggle for game time this season but he has made me eat my words. He has been outstanding. Amazes me how he always pops up with the ball all over the pitch.

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