Rangers’ alleged bust-up – what really happened?


As many Rangers fans are now aware, there are rumours, strong rumours of a bust-up between Connor Goldson and Nikola Katic.

This seems to have come from absolutely nowhere, as only six days ago Katic was regaling about the virtues of his partner and how the Englishman had helped him adjust to life in Britain and with the subtleties of defence.

Yet here we are only four or five days after hearing the two had had some almighty fall out, and after it began only as a claim without any apparent merit, Katic’s shock absence from Thursday night’s entire squad never mind bench after becoming a complete mainstay of the first team this season really did lend the story a hell of a lot of merit.

Manager Steven Gerrard played the Croat’s absence down as ‘just tactical’ and of course Filip Helander did extremely well in his place, but given Connor Goldson’s lack of favour among fans and his fairly modest displays this season, we’re not 100% convinced on this.

Some fans defended Katic’s absence from Thursday’s squad as purely ‘rotational’ and stated factually he’d be back in yesterday – and once again the Croat was exiled from the entire squad.

So, just what has happened between the two to see Katic completely excluded from the group?

There is word the spat has spilled over into the rest of the players, and created a bit of an atmosphere, with others not wanting to take sides – and of course it probably goes without saying, right or wrong, Connor Goldson is a 100% guaranteed pick if fit.

So if there’s a fallout between the two, Gerrard will side with Goldson – whether that’s fair or not is not something we’ll judge in this piece.

For his part Goldson got a big goal yesterday, but it was the pre-match lineup announcement that had the mass unison of ‘free Katic’ kicking in from the bulk of supporters – with ex-Oldham man George Edmundson getting that spot on the bench.

Some made claim that Katic is simply being rested after his summer work for Croatia – but this is hard to fathom that a 22-year old is suddenly exhausted after effectively getting into the form of his life.

And replacement Filip Helander did not quite have the bright match at McDiarmid that he did on Thursday – mostly competent but looking a little bit uncomfortable and nearly ‘assisting’ Michael O’Halloran for the opener.

Either way, Katic’s absence points to something clearly having happened behind the scenes. It’s just too sudden, too left-field and too implausible to buy anything else.


  1. Tbh if this is true. Maybe Katic has been dropped due to his response at being criticised. We don't know what rules are in place in the dressing room. But we do know rules have changed from last year re player discipline. I wish folk would get off Goldsons back, yes he's been sloppy at times & he cost us a goal in the OF game. But the whole team was off it that day. All in all the defence has been solid in the last couple of games. Until that changes lets trust the gaffer, he's a winner and will be making what he believes is the best decision for the whole squad

  2. rumors big rumors and all tosh until truth is told, the rumors only get bigger and bigger because sites like this print absolute nothing that contains any truth, if it is what you say then i stand corrected but all your doing is keeping this fallout theory burning, so what if there was a fallout have you never had a cross word with people you work with? i know i have many times, stop adding fuel to the fire which only started by dumb ass jurnos

  3. Yes I was one of them that stated it was purely rotational that Katic was dropped and thought that was the case, I stated 'reckoned' he would be back and is completely different from 'factual'.
    If Goldson and Katic had a spat, what's the big deal it happens in football teams and in any case Goldson doesn't pick the team.
    Gerrard has been correct in my view he has picked Helander in the last 2 games and 2 clean sheets.

  4. The most important thing is that we had a brilliant result against Feyenoord, and another 3 points in the league yesterday.
    We have no idea what is going on behind the scenes, in training, dressing room etc. There might have been a massive fallout, Gerrard might well have good justification for dropping Katic from the match day squads. We have no way of knowing, and whatever "rumours" might be spreading on social media can hardly be considered a reliable source.
    If there has been a fallout, then Gerrard would be crucified if he made it public. On the other hand, maybe his decision was tactical and Helander having played so well on Thursday he decided to keep him in the team. Who knows?
    Stevie's clear priority is to win games, and pick a team of players who will deliver a win. So far this season, with the exception of one game he has done an excellent job of picking teams who win games. He deserves our trust and respect for the progress Rangers have made under his stewardship.

  5. Fallouts happen, if it's true then the manager has led us to two victories during said fallout. Seems to be a story from nothing!

  6. I would like to state upfront I really like Katic ..He is Brave Strong and never gives up ..I agree fall outs happen all the time at football clubs . I would however point out that on current form Katic is the best CH we have . Goldson is a liability with his slack passes which he demonstrated yesterday again ..not punished because of the inferior opposition . I really hope he returns ..if not it will be a great loss both football wise and financial .

  7. The "rumour "started on Football Insider which is a web site known for its lack of factual information but as usual others pick it up as if it was a fact.I like big Katic too but I do think the recent scapegoating of Goldson is out of order .Yeah he sometimes gives the ball away but generally he is the central defender who is left to play the long ball forward when it is needed. Katic rarely is asked to do that and although Goldson did give the ball away for the goal in the OF game , Katic was also to blame for trying to play Edouard offside .A fact that he admitted afterwards.We have 4 good centre backs so hopefully the manager will rotate them correctly and get the best pairing for the team.

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