Pundit declares SPL’s ‘best’ striker isn’t Alfredo Morelos


Former Rangers manager Ally McCoist, who certainly knew a thing or two about scoring in his day has announced he believes Jermain Defoe is the most clinical finisher in the country.

Speaking at the weekend, the former striker admitted the talismanic 36-year old outweighs even his illustrious team mate Alfredo Morelos, and anything Celtic or anyone else has, and tops the charts purely on the quality of his finishing.

Ibrox Noise had been peddling this line for some considerable time, that while the ex-England international may not be the strongest and liable to win little in the air, his movement off the ball is probably the best the league boasts and his finishing certainly the most admirable.

Of course, we’re sure the likes of Edouard and Ryan Christie et al not to mention our own Alfredo might have a case to make here, but while Defoe is not a clear top scorer sitting alone at the summit of the charts, his shot to goal ratio is arguably the best by a distance.

Indeed, the biggest compliment anyone can give the hitman is that it is more of a surprise when he doesn’t score than when he does – he is that clinical, and while many fans don’t see eye to eye with Ally as a manager, his judgement on strikers as a former one himself is an opinion to be respected.

And in all fairness it’s not exactly hard, even as a layman, to agree with him on this one.


  1. Defoe is the most clinical finisher but not the best striker, that's Alfie's title. Still even he is a long way behind the legend that is Super Ally.

  2. Defoe is the best penalty box striker, his movement and the clinical way he finishes is better than anyone in Scotland. Alfredo is better than Defoe outside the box, holding the ball up, turning defenders etc.
    But let's face it, they are both not bad 🙂

  3. Morelos and Defoe Polar opposites in style. Defenders must hate playing against them, defenders pummelled and pulled over the place by Morelos.
    The substitution board goes up the defenders say thank god Morelos is going off and on steps Defoe, blink defenders and it's a goal, Defoe is lethal

  4. The big guy, Cosgrove at Aberdeen has some strike rate for them. He's only 23, we should be trying to sign him in January

    • Mostly penalties. Take those away and his strike that isn't that impressive. You wouldn't sign James Tavernier to play up front on the back of his converted penalties last season would you?

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