“On the line” – Steven Gerrard and those sacking rumours…


It was with interest Ibrox Noise noted the Steven Gerrard to be fired stories circulating around recently, perpetuated in the main by well-known Rangers-hater Craig Beattie.

The reaction has of course been antagonistic from Rangers fans, who aren’t exactly pleased with the ideas the ex-Celtic player suggested, that the manager would struggle to hold onto his job if he doesn’t win the league.

But this poll from Rangers fans only a few months ago on your favourite Rangers site suggested clearly that Gerrard’s job really is on the line.

Celtic are no great shakes; the disappointment of last Sunday was wholly because we know how poor they are and how we should have laid way more gloves on them. Whether it was the formation, the performances, whatever – none of it was good enough.

So when someone says Rangers might even be stronger than Celtic on paper now, while it’s not exactly 100% plausible, the work done in the window this term has certainly strengthened the side, while Celtic have remained modestly static.

And if that poll we quoted is anything to go by, if 97% of Rangers fans expect, ‘demand’ 55 this season, what’s the repercussions if we don’t get it?

There was hope last season, hope that maybe Stevie would win 55 – no one genuinely expected it. But that’s changed this time. After his year initiation, and two Old Firm wins not to mention outstanding European run, most Rangers fans are demanding he stop 9IAR.

So if he doesn’t – do they just accept it?

We don’t know ourselves if Stevie’s job is on the line, we can only imply what the poll meant – and that did veer towards the pressure he’s under.

But we do also accept these stories have rather come out of the blue, and seem designed to heap the post-Old Firm misery on Rangers fans by slinging mud at us.

There may be a modicum of truth in the claims, yes, but that doesn’t mean those are claims particularly relevant in September.

Who’d be an Old Firm manager…


  1. No these stories don't come out the blue these are well planned by the same Ghost Writer's in the media with the intention of destabilising Rangers FC and their fans.
    If it's not Gerrard getting the sack it's Morelos getting punted every week, then Tavernier then it was Arfield

  2. You can't deny he has had the backing of the board but get off the guys back. Yes we want to stop them and get 55 but he's still learning. We knew that when he was given the job. Trust Stevie and Gary and get behind the team like never before. They r no great shakes and but for a couple of daft results last year we could have been so much closer to stopping them. Keep 11 men on the park and show the unity and togetherness we have shown and I'm confident we can win the league. Good luck Gaffer. W.a.t.p. 55

  3. I think even thinking about letting the gaffer go in September is an absolute joke stevie will get us to 55 W. A. T. P

  4. I don't think his job is on the dont forget it is his first management job he will make mistakes what manager doesn't but iam sure after last Sundays disaster he will be more determent to get it right onwards and upwards 55 here we come

  5. Not sure about any of the article re the managers position, but a few points are way wrong, yes we got closer last year but our poor games were matched by their bad games. Their injuries and loss of manager still made no difference. Back to the old firm game, they had a back line that had not played together and we managed at best two shots at goal. I personally think we will he around 10 points behind at the turn of the year, why we have some scary players who are at times great and at times completely loose the plot, I am not talking about Morelas. J

  6. Gerrard improved our league position and points tally last season despite inheriting one of the worst squads of players in our proud history. I believe he will go on to improve our points tally again this season. Will it be enough? I don't know but as long as he keeps improving us I am happy. We can't just win the league because we want to. We have to beat the teams in front of us, in particular Separate Entity FC.

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