Neil Lennon shocker at Ibrox revealed


The fallout over yesterday’s Old Firm shocker continues, and one stat, not mentioned too many times in the press that we’ve seen, highlights just how bad a stinker Rangers had on the day and what a missed opportunity this was.

In Neil Lennon’s two spells as manager at Parkhead, he had never beaten Rangers at Ibrox apart from once during the new year derby of 2011 when he secured, funnily enough, a 0-2 win.

Since then, in four attempts, he’d never managed a win as Celtic boss on Rangers’ home patch – until Sunday.

Last season, of course, Steven Gerrard beat both he and Brendan Rodgers at Ibrox, showing a real appetite for the home fixture and a definite upper hand with matches v our bitterest rivals on the Hallowed Turf.

But yesterday that came unstuck, and it felt an awful lot like the pre-Gerrard type of Rangers performance against the Parkhead side, and Neil Lennon most certainly took full advantage.

This is a trend we definitely don’t want to see continue.


  1. If it happens again, there will be hell to pay. Humiliated, in our own back yard. No wingers was just insane. The salad days, are well and truly over.

  2. What it boils down to when you don’t pay your way in life karma will come back and haunt you what your seeing is a trying to compete with a club that has superior finances compared to sevco and when you are million miles behind a team that financially can wipe the floor with and ringing up more bills trying to catch up that hole is getting bigger and bigger sevco will go bust trying to catch Celtic with funds they won’t ever have compared to Celtic and Celtic pay there bills got by far a more quality team and money to reinvest sevco can only only dream of buying quality players something Celtic can do won’t be long before the lights go out at ibrox

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